The original landscape of Planet X.

Planet X is unique, as it is one of only three planets visited in the TimeSplitters series (the others being Earth and Mars).

The planet has appeared in TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2, giving each game a Story level and an Arcade map.


According to TimeSplitters 1, Planet X was discovered by humans, in the Gamma Sector, at some point between 2005 and 2020. The game manual also states " different characters in different locations spanning a century from 1935 to 2035." Since, from our perspective, 2020 is not a realistic date for interplanetary travel by humans, one school of thought has arose that the date of 2020 provided may be inaccurate, and that a date close to 2200 may seem more appropriate. However, the provided dates could instead be taken at face value, for the concession that the events and timeline(s) of the TimeSplitters universe are not our own.

Planet X was invaded by 7 different races of alien in the space of 260 years, although the only recorded native species of the planet is the Alien Fly.


2020, Planet-X

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In 2020 (possibly 2200), Planet X was the scene of an operation by humanity to recover a stolen cyberbrain that was being held hostage by several alien species: the Green Aliens, Pillar Aliens and Red Aliens. Soldiers Sebastian Photon and Angel Perez were sent to recover the cyberbrain, and successfully extracted it.

2280, Return to Planet X

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Fighting the Mox on Return to Planet X

In 2280, Cortez visited Planet X as Hank Nova in search of the Time Crystals. During his visit, he witnessed the Mox Civil War, between the Meezor Mox and Ozor Mox. Cortez (or Hank), arrived on the planet - potentially with Candi Skyler, who was as part of a squadron sent by Earth to calm the situation - but his spacecraft was hit by enemy fire and he was forced to eject. While on the planet's surface, Cortez (Hank) contributed greatly to the war effort, repelling many major attacks and securing an enemy UFO hangar. He then collected the Time Crystal and returned to the Space Station in 2401. As for the outcome of the war, the Meezor and Ozor wiped each other out, leaving the Koozer Mox to take over. Incidentally, Cortez did not meet a single Koozer Mox while on Planet X.


2020, Planet-X

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This is considered to be the largest Arcade map in the TimeSplitters series. It is based on the map used in the 2020 story level, but with some walls removed to allow easy access. It features a large landscape, with many tunnels and an underground alien base. The most memorable feature of the map is a huge waterfall with flowing green water (which can also be seen near beaches on Return to Planet X). The map is also one of four to feature the Last Stand game mode, in which the player must protect four purple crystal formations using a turret.

2280, Ufopia

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Ufopia is an Arcade map based on Return to Planet X. Although it features no areas from the story mission, it is considered to be a large, floating alien hangar for UFOs. The base consists of a maze of corridors and hangars, as well as a few areas outside the main body of the ship. The map is the only one on TS2 not to appear in any Arcade League match or Challenge, but is considered to be great for games of Virus, due to many winding corridors and holes, which may be useful for a quick escape.


Although there is no Mapmaker tileset actually called 'Planet X', the 'Alien' tilesets on both TS1 and TS2 are considered to be based on the planet. On TS1, the tiles mainly consist of corridors of similar texture to the cliffs and tunnels of the Story/Arcade map. On TS2, the tiles are of a sterile, white spaceship, similar to the interior of the larger UFOs on Return to Planet X. The default weapon class is also similar to R.T.P.X. and Ufopia.

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