This article is about the TS1 Arcade map. For the TimeSplitters 1 Story Mission, see Planet X (Story). For the TimeSplitters 2 story mission, see Return to Planet X. For the planet itself, see Planet X (Planet).

Planet X
Planet X - TS1 - Arcade Map
Size Large
Location Cliff area of Planet X
Climate Mainly sunny, alien sky
Unlockable Complete the first set of three Story missions

The Planet X map is believed to be the biggest map in the TimeSplitters series, although it only appears in the original TimeSplitters. There are many cliffside walkways and corridors within the cliffs themselves. One of the most memorable features is the green waterfall near to the main outside part. There is also some evidence of habitation, like lamps in the caverns and a hidden base.


Timesplitters 1 showcase Planet X (Arcade)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Planet X (Arcade)

Planet X (Arcade) video

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