Pirate Gold
Pirate Gold
Game TimeSplitters Future Perfect
League Amateur League
Section On The Take
Mode Thief
Map Temple
Character Captain Ed Shivers
Enemies Encountered The Jungle Queen
Teeth Mummy
Stone Golem
Aztec Warrior
High Priest
Rewards Bronze : Captain Ed Shivers
Medal Requirements Bronze : 12 points
Silver : 12 points in 03:00.0
Gold : 12 points in 02:30.0
Platinum : 12 points in 01:40.0
World Record : 12 points in 00:18.7
(Silent Thunder)
Pirate Gold is an Arcade League challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


Oh-arr me hearties, there'll be doubloons as big as yer 'ead and pieces of eight a plenty in thar temple ruins. But them juicy cash prizes also draw a rare crowd, so everytime you fill some landlubbers skinny behind w'yer salty musket load, look and be sure that Captain Shivers grabs their spondulics. Oh-arr, indeed, be sure.


There isn't a great deal of strategy involved in this match, simply kill enemies and collect their coins whilst not dying and preventing enemies from picking up coins won from victorious duels.

A good method is to use the dual Flare Guns, Flare Guns often kill, or at least seriously wound, enemies from splash damage, but a direct hit will be a garaunteed kill, so try to get a direct hit if possible.

Often you will spawn next to an enemy when the game starts, giving you an easy first kill, from there it's a good idea to try and stick to large groups of enemies battling each other, whilst dodging their fire, for this will give you a potentially higher number of coins.

An alternate strategy is to allow two (or more) enemies to kill each other and then kill the victor before they can collect the coins, which often gives several coins almost instantly.

If you combine the tactics and try to avoid getting killed as much as possible you should find getting the Gold to be fairly simple.

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