The Mox Civil War was a sub-war of the TimeSplitter War between the several races of Mox on Planet X which lasted around 50 years with 2280 at it's peak.

An Ozor Mox (Left) and a Meezor Mox (Right).


There were no apparent leaders in the conflict. The two factions, the Meezor and the Ozor fought each other to the brink of extinction. During the war, the Koozer Mox lay in wait before taking over once the two other factions had been wiped out.

The TimeSplitters

The relation between the Mox and the TimeSplitters is unclear. In the TimeSplitters 2 mission Return to Planet X, Hank Nova shoots down a Mox ship before crashing into the ground. Later on in the mission, Hank finds the crashed ship, with the crystal inside. It is said that the TimeSplitters gave over the crystal to one of the factions of Mox for safekeeping. However, the crystal is stolen into Cortez's possession.

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