Monkey Gun
Monkeygun1st person.png
Ammo 64/192
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
64 p/s
Reload Time 2.75 seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type SMG
Native Timezone 2052(?)
Zoom N/A
Primary Fire Empties entire clip in one second
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Monkey Gun is the most powerful automatic weapon in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It is unlocked when the Challenge Electro Chimp Discomatic is beaten.


This gun only appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. Stylistically, it closely resembles the figure of the Mag-Charger. The Monkey Gun fires its entire 64-round magazine in a second, making it the fastest-firing weapon in the game.

The unique attribute about this weapon, however, is that you cannot stop a Monkey Gun from firing all of its rounds; one pull of the trigger and it fires off the entire magazine, with only one or two bananas to a kill.

A downside to using the Monkey Gun is its rather long, comparative reload time to help balance the weapon and avoid making too many kills. Once a magazine is depleted, you have to endure more than two seconds of vulnerability before being able to fire your next magazine, which will then diminish almost instantly and leaves you in the same position of vulnerability once more.

Due to its vast stopping power, it is often classed as a "super weapon", and its use is frowned upon in online games due to the lack of skill necessary to attain a kill. Of course, its power is useful in "chomp stomp" games because you can rack up a lot of kills in a very short amount of time, and overcome vast odds, if used properly.


  • The Monkey Gun is both quick and accurate. Using these traits, a good tactic is to sweep the crosshair over your targets area, given that there are more than two targets. This tactic defeats or heavily damages large groups quickly.
  • Though this applies to almost every weapon, it is especially essential to take cover with this gun while reloading. As mentioned above, the relatively long reload time makes you vulnerable. If you pop in and out of cover, you can constantly blast away enemies without making you an easy target. Keep in mind that, if you die, your enemy can utilize the deadly gun as well...
    • However, if they are a bot, they can't fire the clip the speed players can, making it less dangerous as one may think. They can also stop firing, which is impossible for players.
  • An entire clip is used upon firing, so firing upon a single enemy is not advised when using this weapon. It is better to use it in a room full of enemies, as opposed to one.


  • Only 32 consecutive bullet holes are present in the wall for each 64 banana shots.
  • The box on the back of the gun when wielded says "Death In Disguise".
  • It is possible to attain a partially empty clip: restock on ammo while the gun is discharging. This can potentially be useful, as it conserves ammo.
  • When switching weapons, the monkey gun picture shows the gun firing a banana.
  • The Monkey Gun is strong enough to flip the car in Siberia.
  • When you pick up the weapon, it is a box. The picture on the box when it is closed is a picture of a Ninja Monkey.
  • The weapon's firing characteristics are very similar to the secondary fire mode of the Cyclone sub-machine gun in Perfect Dark, a game developed by the same team as the later TimeSplitters series.
    • Other nods include the 64-round magazine referring to the Nintendo 64 (the console which Rareware produced many titles for) and the Banana stemming from Donkey Kong, which is a common pickup in the series.
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