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Species Monkey
Size Small
Native Timezone 1920 - 1969
Related Characters Brains (Undead Form)
Cyborg Chimp (Mechanically-Altered Form)
Ninja Monkey (Alternate Outfit)
Games TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
"Ah he hee, ah he"

Monkey has been a recurring character in the TimeSplitters series since TimeSplitters 2. The Monkey has been a significant figure in the TimeSplitters world since its first appearance; it was made a subject of adverts for the game, as well as appearing on the image of the disc for TimeSplitters Future Perfect. He has a collar around his neck, which varies in colour depending on the game he is featuring in. He has an arcade mode based around him and a weapon named after him.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Monkey Small.png Monkey

Star 3.gif
Unlock Default
Gallery It's a monkey.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
12/20 20/20 4/20

The monkeys are one of the few characters to be available to use in the Arcade from the start. The only other characters are the playable Story characters and a few members of the Russian military. The monkeys appear in story in the Aztec Ruins. They feature in the level as both enemies and allies. They either run around manically or they stand still and throw explosive melons. Their small size can make them difficult to spot, and their melons do considerable damage which can make them a dangerous foe.

Monkeys feature in Monkey Immolation, a Virus match. The fact they have the highest possible agility makes the arcade league match more difficult. They also appear in Starship Whoopers, a Monkey Assistant match; a mode new to TimeSplitters 2, confirming their role as a representative for the TimeSplitters series. In addition, they feature in the three Monkeying Around challenges and in two of the Banana Chomp challenges, though still play a role as mentioned in the briefing of the third.

The monkey's collar in this game is red.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Monkey Small.png Monkey

Star 1.gif
Unlock Default
Gallery Yep, it's still a monkey.
Gesture Hops down and does a flip while making multiple monkey noises.
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
6/8 4/8 5/8 5/8

Monkey returns in TimeSplitters Future Perfect with a couple minor changes including: a new blue collar, ears edged in fur instead of being bald, and a slightly improved looking character model. Despite these changes, his bust icon still features the TimeSplitters 2 Monkey. The Monkey appears in story once more, but only as a joke character, appearing in a cell on single player only in The Russian Connection. In addition to the regular monkey, three new monkeys (Ninja Monkey, Cyborg Chimp, and Brains) were introduced in TimeSplitters Future Perfect; however, a fourth new one (Girlfriend Monkey) was cut before the final release of the game.

The original monkey features in Rockets 101 and Zany Zeppelin but not in the bot set for the level. He also appears in two of the Monkeying Around challenges, the third filled in by his Cyborg cousin. Monkeys also appear in Absolutely Potty carrying pots, making the challenge slightly more difficult due to pots not always being in a fixed position. They appear in the Assorted, Creatures, Mapmaker, Subway, Mexican Mission and Training Ground bot sets.


1920, Lost Temple of T'hochek

Main article: Aztec Ruins (Story)

Monkeys are the most common and intelligent animal living around the lost temple, not including the natives. The monkeys have intelligence and have developed explosive melons and use that to defeat unwanted visitors.

1969, Stanizlav Train Depot

Main article: The Russian Connection

Khallos housed several hostages at the train depot. Among them were a monkey; unknown of how it got to its location nor how or why Khallos captured it.


  • Brains uses low-pitched versions of Monkey's voice clips, while Cyborg Chimp uses robotically-altered versions of his voice clips.
  • There is a Monkey Gun, though it has nothing to do with monkeys; the icon however is the same as the Mag-Charger's, plus a banana.
  • The monkey's mouth, of course, is always in the shape of a circle.
  • In TimeSplitters 2, one eye is slightly twitched, while the other eye is wide open.
  • A monkey named 'Jojo' is the protagonist of the first two Banana Chomp challenges, and the antagonist of the third.