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The Minigun is an electronic machine gun, following earlier Gatling gun designs. It dispenses rounds from its six rotating barrels at an very high rate of fire, although continuous fire will result in the barrel overheating, reducing the firing speed of the weapon to about that of a semi-automatic pistol.

When the trigger is held down, there is a slight delay before the gun starts firing while the barrel begins rotation. When the trigger is released, the barrel begins to slow to a stop. The weapon's alternate fire mode automatically activates the rotation pin so you can fire immediately. The drawback of this secondary mode is that overheating will occur more quickly.

Also, the rotation generates noise that will give away your position to nearby human players. For that reason, you could hesitate to use it against experienced players, because you would lose the element of surprise.



The minigun from the original TimeSplitters appears much smaller, has drums (magazines), and can be dual-wielded.

They do not need to be "revved up". The primary fire has the minigun fire at a fast rate with excellent accuracy, well-suited for individual targets, while the secondary fire spits out rounds at an even faster speed with much more spread, and would be better suited for crowded clusters of players/bots.

When "if best" is switched on, the Minigun ranks as the 4th best weapon on TS1, only beaten by its dual-wield variant (which is in 2nd), the Scifi Autorifle, and the Rocket Launcher.

TimeSplitters 2

In TimeSplitters 2, The minigun is much more accurate. Its secondary fire also activates the rotation pin. Of course, this heats up the minigun to a certain level. It is recommended, because the rotation period needed to start the fire is long in this game when compared its future appearance. In primary mode, the minigun overheats after 95 shots. In secondary mode, it overheats after 83 shots.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

In this game, the minigun overheats much faster and the secondary fire heats it to a higher level. It overheats after 73 shots in primary mode and after 56 shots in secondary mode. But it is nevertheless devastating. It spits out bullets at a rate of over 20 rounds per second, and its cumulative damage is horrific.

An unusual trait of this version of the minigun is its accuracy: it has absolutely no spread at all. A notable aspect of this version of the weapon is that it spits out uranium rounds that have all the properties of plasma projectiles; its impact sounds are of the plasma set and the projectile in itself looks like a sphere of yellow energy.

If used in Story mode, your character will not be holding the gun itself, it will be floating slightly to the right of your character's hands. This is seen in co-op.


  • In TS1, the minigun appears to be fed with a magazine which is attached near it while in TS2 and TSFP it appears to have an ammo belt without any kind of magazine.
    • It also must be noted that, in TSFP, when picked up by a bot or player, the ammo belt disappears.