Species Human/Cyborg
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2019
Related Characters Sadako (Leader)
Krayola (Ally)
Barby Gimp (Ally)
Games TimeSplitters 2

Milkbaby is a hacker in Sadako's gang, operating in NeoTokyo. Her character has only appeared in TimeSplitters 2, where she is a generic enemy fought in NeoTokyo. She is most distinguishable by her sedge hat, fighting claws and black balaclava. She also sports a blue sleeveless top and black trousers.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Milkbaby Small Milkbaby

Star 2
Unlock Arcade League > Honorary League > Team Series B > Hack a Hacker with Silver or better
Gallery Bullied as a child, Milkbaby honed her fighting skills in the dark streets of the Tek Quarter. Now she serves as a vicious foot soldier in Sadako's gang.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
9/20 4/20 20/20

Milkbaby is a playable character in TimeSplitters 2. Her model is used as a generic enemy in the NeoTokyo mission. Her appearance is similar to Barby Gimp's, but their stats are far from the same. She also appeared during the Hack a Hacker Arcade League match in Compound where the characters from NeoTokyo are suited.


2019, NeoTokyo

Main article: NeoTokyo (Story)

Once bullied, she worked her way up to be a foot soldier in Sadako's gang of hackers. After they framed Ghost, he and a member of the LAPD, Chastity Detroit, entered the base looking for evidence, but not before killing the gang members.



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