Mikey Two-guns
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1853
Related Characters Colonel (Boss)
Ample Sally (Colleague)
Lean Molly (Colleague)
Jared Slim (Colleague; Rival)
Hector Baboso (Colleague; Friend)
Jebediah Crump (Affiliate)
Games TimeSplitters 2

Mikey Two-Guns in TimeSplitters 2.

Mikey Two-guns is an outlaw in Little Prospect. He is a member of the Colonel's gang and is good friends with Hector Baboso, as well as rival of Jared Slim. He wears a white long sleeve shirt with a blue vest and a strap around his chest. He looks somewhat old and has mussed red hair.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Mikey Two-guns Small Mikey Two-guns

Star 3
Unlock Arcade League > Elite League > Duel Meaning > If I'm Ugly- You Smell! with Silver
Gallery Mikey was a two-bit horse thief and cattle rustler until the Colonel lured him into his gang with the promise of easy gold and loose women. The women were never easy but some of them had loose gold teeth, so I guess The Colonel isn't all empty talk.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
12/20 12/20 8/20
Two-guns is based around the Wild West mission and Mexican Mission due to its design and period similarities to the area of Little Prospect. In the Arcade League If I'm Ugly- You Smell! match he has a one-on-one showdown with Jared Slim, and in the Simian Shootout Challenge, Mikey shoots clay monkeys. Interestingly, his rival Jared Slim returns for future games, whereas Two-guns does not.


1853, Little Prospect

Main article: Wild West (Story)

Two-guns and his friend, Hector Baboso, both became gang members for a man named "The Colonel", a deserter from the Confederate army, due to the offer of money and women. After the Colonel achieved having Ramona Sosa, the sheriff of Little Prospect, imprisoned, the Colonel controlled the town. Elijah Jones entered Little Prospect to restore the law his way, defeating the Colonel and his men, including Two-guns.


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