Mexican Mission
Mexican Mission
Size Medium
Location In a Mexican Mission
Climate None
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots TimeSplitters 2
Elijah Jones
Venus Starr
Ramona Sosa
Mikey Two-guns
Ample Sally
Lean Molly
Jared Slim
Hector Baboso
The Colonel
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Jared Slim
Eli Scrubs
Sheriff Skullface
Ghengis Kant
Aztec Warrior
Recommended Weapons TimeSplitters 2
Luger Pistol (x2)
Plasma Autorifle
Homing Launcher
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Flare Gun
Vintage Rifle

Mexican Mission appearing in Timesplitters Future Perfect.

The majority of Mexican Mission's level's layout consists of the Mission. Outside the Mission there is a courtyard with some adobe houses that provides protection from bullets. The mission itself features three levels, a ground floor, an upper level with a courtyard in the middle which you can use to drop down to the ground floor, and a cellar. It also features a small Easter Egg, a bell that rings when shot, similarly to how the gong in Chinese works.

There are some slight differences between the TimeSplitters 2 version of the map, and the TimeSplitters Future Perfect version of this map. The Health packs have changed locations, and the map's hue has been slightly altered. Also the location of one bag in Capture the Bag has changed. In TimeSplitters 2, the second bag base was on the upper level, whereas in TimeSplitters Future Perfect it has been moved to the cellar. This is probably to make the distance between the bases even, because in TimeSplitters 2 it was easy to jump off the upper level into the courtyard and quickly get to the other base. However it has received criticism due to the confusing cellars are a poor placement for a base.

Also, the walls in the cellar of this level had an overhaul from Timesplitters 2 to Future Perfect.

Playable Modes


  • When playing on Mexican Mission it can be seen that the fountain in the courtyard is only just switched on at the start of the game, this is best seen on Simian Shootout due to the starting position.
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