Men in Grey
Ze TSWiki Arcade 6 Men In Grey.png
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section Team Series A
Mode Assault
Map Training Ground
Character Private Grass
Accompanied by
Lt. Bush
Enemies Encountered Accountant
Lawyer x3
Consultant x2
Rewards Gold: Assault Mode, Accountant, Lawyer
Medal Requirements Bronze: 10:00.0
Silver: 06:00.0
Gold: 03:30.00
Platinum: 01:00.0
Record: 0:34.5 (An Empty Box)

Men in Grey is considered to be one of the tougher Amateur League game scenarios.


A bunch of suits have been seen near the Training Ground blockhouse. They've put in some computers and it looks like they might be starting a dotcom consultancy business. Hit them hard and fast before they try to float the company and pocket the cash!


Main article: Assault#Training Ground

It is entirely possible to get a platinum. One player is known to have recorded a time of 34.5 seconds, aided by memorising the timing needed for sequentially grenading each drum location while still on the move. You have to get to the other side and destroy the computers. The weapons on the map are Minigun, 12-Gauge, Homing Launcher, and Soviet S47.

  • Specific strategy. Getting a gold is relatively simple, a platinum will take more persistance. At first it seems almost impossible & you seem to get killed all the time but as long as you can achieve 1 or 2 things with each life you should make progress towards an award. Set Weapon Change to If New and Best, this will give you the right gun most of the time. At the start, collect the Soviet S47 on the right then move forwards, keep to the right before going outside if you get the timing right you can avoid being hit by the fixed guns. Once you're outside head to the right of all the rocks. Get the Homing Launcher, keep to the right next to the rock face to avoid getting hit too much. Use Aim Mode with the Homing Launcher to destroy the fixed gun at the bottom, then you'll find several enemies & another fixed gun to your right use one shot from the Homing Launcher on the enemies & one on the fixed gun. You'll find a few more enemies before you reach the respawn point by the waterfall, probably use the Homing Launcher or maybe the S47, your priority is to reach the respawn point. As you go up the slope there is a fixed gun on top of a rock, this can be awkward to hit but it's worth destroying it, probably use the Homing Launcher. You will see buildings as you come to the top of the slope, there's a nasty fixed gun on the corner of the building to the right, try to get this with a Homing Rocket but the rockets might home in on enemies instead. As you approach the barrels you need to think about ammo levels. Homing Rockets are very effective but you might want to save them, the S47 or Minigun are good if you have them if not use the alternate fire of the Tactical 12-Gauge, whatever gun you use, use Aim Mode. The first barrel slightly to the left (also note the building behind it), destroy this barrel first, then the one beyond it slightly to the right, there is a building to your left, there is a barrel on the upper floor, it might be worth sending 2 S47 grenades up there, go past the building & there's a barrel right behind it, a grenade is the best way to destroy it. Backtrack to the building behind the first barrel, there's a barrel behind it, which is to the right as you now approach the building. Turn around & go to the left of the pill-box to find another barrel & destroy it. If you got lucky destroying the upstairs barrel with grenades then it will tell you all the barrels are destroyed, if not the quickest way to get it is to use the Homing Launcher in Aim Mode, the barrel is in the top right corner of the building from where you are now, looking, immediately behind a fixed gun on the outside of the building, there is a part of the inside wall which you can hit, the explosion will destroy the barrel, if not go into the building & upstairs to destroy it. Now all you have to do is go into the computer room & destroy the computers, explosive weapons are best, if possible start with alternate fire of the Homing Launcher. There might be a S47 to the right-hand side if you need it. If you have no explosive ammo move around in front of the computers while you shoot them, enemies' shots which miss you might help with the destruction. To get a platinum you pretty much need to complete the game in one life, you certainly need to reach the waterfall with your first life, this is pretty much the only place you can afford to be killed as you won't lose to much time when you respawn. As with many platinums, you need a mixture of self preservation & speed, you can't afford to get into individual battles, you need to run straight past enemies whether you have killed them or not. From the start follow the above strategy with a couple of differences, don't worry about destroying the fixed gun on the right before you reach the waterfall, try to destroy the one on the rock as you go up the slope but don't waste any time doing it. You must get the upstairs barrel either with the grenade or Homing Launcher method so you don't have to go up the stairs.


  • The title 'Men in Grey' is a parody of the film series 'Men in Black'.
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