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A Medal or Trophy is a reward for your performance in an Arcade League or Challenge scenario. Medals only appear in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect. In the original TimeSplitters, you either completed the Challenge or failed it, and all awards in Challenges were from simply completing them.


There are four types of medals, though only three have visible in-game requirements, depending on how well you did on the particular challenge. Different medals give you different rewards. The usual Bronze, Silver and Gold is the system chosen. Bronze is achieved as a basic completion of the challenge. Silver, and then Gold, are usually an improved time/score. A Platinum may be awarded for achieving a better time or a better score, however, they are invisible to the player and only achieve it if they meet - or surpass - the requirement.


Depending on your medal, you get different unlocks. For example; in Can't Handle This, you unlock Chasm with a Bronze, Chasm and Hatchet Sal with a Silver, and Chasm, Hatchet Sal, and Handyman with a Gold.

Platinum awards never give an extra reward from a Gold, nor do they add game completion, and are for bragging rights only; you get the same awards as if you got a Gold.

In TimeSplitters 2, most rewards are given with at least a Silver. However, in Future Perfect, most rewards are easily obtained with a Bronze.


Main article: Playing with Fire Glitch

In TimeSplitters 2, there is a glitch in the Playing with Fire Challenge. In the Challenge, a player's award is calculated by the number of bananas obtained. However, to achieve a Platinum, you need to achieve a Gold and a better time, not shown to the player. If a player gets 24 bananas but does not beat the time for a Platinum, they get a Gold. If they then attempt a Platinum, they cannot get it because the system sees 24 as no improvement, thus giving the player a Gold


Once completing a Challenge/League scenario, players are presented with a physical trophy on the menu screen; each trophy's appearance differs.

TimeSplitters 2

Trophy Appearance
Bronze A Reaper Splitter crouching and flexing.
Silver A Reaper Splitter in a victory stance
Gold A Reaper Splitter dual-wielding and outwardly-pointing Assault Rifles.
Platinum A Reaper Splitter wielding an Assault Rifle, standing upon a fallen Reaper Splitter.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Trophy Appearance
Bronze A Monkey.
Silver Jo-Beth Casey holding a Baseball Bat over one shoulder.
Gold Sergeant Cortez dual-wielding Machine Guns.
Platinum R-110 wielding a Minigun.