Mary-Beth Casey
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1965
Related Characters Jo-Beth Casey (Sister)
Peekaboo Jones (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters
Mary-Beth Casey appears only in the original TimeSplitters, as one of the nine females, and eighteen core Story protagonists. Mary-Beth, much like her younger sister, Jo-Beth Casey, travels into a mansion, in this case the Gallows Hill Mansion, to fight zombies. She's dressed like a cheerleader, wearing a red and white miniskirt and a red, white, and blue top. Her shoes are blue and she wears a red cap. She has blonde hair tied in a ponytail.



TS1 Mary-Beth Casey Small Mary-Beth Casey

Unlock Complete the second set of three Story missions
Gesture Jumps up in the air, claps, and then stands with her hands on her hips.
Mary-Beth Casey is the playable female character of the Mansion story mission. She also makes an appearance in five challenges and a bot set.


1965, Mansion

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Mary-Beth Casey, alongside Peekaboo Jones, enters the haunted Gallows Hill Mansion to find the remains of a murderer and return them to the gallows.


  • Her younger sister, Jo-Beth Casey, reuses her voice clips in TimeSplitters 2.
  • Judging by the names and backgrounds of the three Caseys throughout the series, it can be assumed that Jo-Beth Casey in TimeSplitters Future Perfect is the daughter of either Mary-Beth Casey in TimeSplitters, or Jo-Beth Casey in TimeSplitters 2.
    • However, despite these assumptions, the creators have confirmed that it is the same Jo-Beth in both games and that this time difference was just an oversight on the developers' part.
  • Both she and her sister feature school-themed outfits. Mary-Beth wears a cheerleader uniform, and Jo-Beth wears a school girl uniform.
  • Ben Newman confirmed that he wanted to put Mary-Beth in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, but never got around to it. Her character select animations are still present in the game files.


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