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The Mapmaker appears in each TimeSplitters game and allows players to build their own maps for custom gameplay.




Unlike in later games, Mapmaker in the first TimeSplitters game doesn't seem to follow a pattern. Every tile is different, making for very unusual maps. There are also a few unique options in TimeSplitters' Mapmaker that were taken out of later instalments in the series, such as the ability to place multiple items on the same tile. There were five tilesets available:

TimeSplitters 2

Beginning in TimeSplitters 2, Mapmaker has the ability to make Story levels. Also, small rooms cost a lot of space compared to a large room, and spawning points cost some space. Available tilesets consist of:

  • Victorian (a Victorian-era warehouse)
  • Gothic (a cathedral-type area)
  • Industrial (a pipe-laden sewer system)
  • Alien (a high-tech, sterile spaceship)
  • Virtual (a blue, white-lined simulator)

Unlike other games, none of the tilesets relate directly to an existing map. However, they are partially similar to Chicago (Victorian), Notre Dame (Gothic), Siberia and NeoTokyo (Industrial), and Return to Planet X (Alien). In addition, the default character for previewing maps is Captain Ash.

The Gothic Tileset was originally set to appear in TimeSplitters 2, but it was removed from the game before release due to glitched tiles. However, it is possible to view the tileset with the Action Replay for GameCube. The code is:
  • 1XZ1-K0KJ-HMD2E

The Gothic Tileset is called "4" in the MapMaker menu. It looked like a dark, evil 12th century castle, and many tiles featured fire & lava. The code was hacked/discovered by GCN_Hacker87 (who now goes by James0x57).

TimeSplitters Future Perfect Mapmaker

Available Tilesets are:

For the first time, it is possible to add a sky, decorations, barricades, and up to four Zeeps/Turbo Buggies to your Mapmaker levels. The sky's weather conditions can be adjusted for effects, such as rain or snow.

"Stackable" rooms can also be added, and if stacked, don't have a floor. For example, a "Stacked Small Open" tile, stacked five floors, is basically a five-floor pit.

"Special Tiles" have also been added, such as the "Slide", which is a one tile, one-way ramp. A "Death Room" is also available, which kills any player that walks into it. Each tileset has unique death rooms

  • Military tileset has a death room rigged with mines
  • Egyptian, Horror, and Lab tilesets have lethal spikes
  • VR tileset has a "force-field" type death room.

Future Perfect's Mapmaker exhibits some subtle differences in performance between the three consoles. One major difference is that, for PS2 and GameCube, Future Perfect's MapMaker can only include a maximum of 7 bots in each player-created Arcade mode level, whereas on Xbox, you can have the full complement of 10 bots in a player-created Mapmaker level.


  • The Mapmaker in TimeSplitters 2 originally had a working tile randomizer under a Generate Maze option. It was capable of generating layouts for Deathmatch and for Story missions, as well as creating labyrinths. Map size and lighting could also be adjusted before generation. The original TimeSplitters used to have a Randomize option which probably worked the same way. Demonstration
  • Future Perfect's Lab tile set is the only one to feature unremovable hazards, as many of its tiles boast pipes that spray a damaging steam when shot.