Map Memory Glitch
Requirements TimeSplitters Future Perfect
Finder Biohazard

The Map Memory Glitch was reported to allow a player to go past the normal amount of memory in the Mapmaker mode of TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It however has been debunked.

The Glitch Edit

Map Memory Glitch

For this to work, you will need to create a map and save it. It would be best if the map you make first is the one that you want to have the memory glitch. After you are finished (place items/tiles that take up around 90% of the entire space limit) save the map and turn off the power.


I haven't tried just exiting the MapMaker mode, changing maps, and re-loading the map you want to have the memory glitch affect. If somebody tries this, please tell me if it works. I have now *tested this method, and it works!

Delete all of the items that you have placed in the level. Delete some of the tiles. Start by placing some new tiles in your level (I usually just re-place the tiles I deleted and then add around five or six more). After you have placed some of these tiles, switch over to items. You should be able to place a seemingly infinite amount of items now. If not, try placing more tiles and/or repeating this entire step.

As all good things must come to an end, the items will begin to take space up again. This is when you go and switch back into the tiles. Now, the tiles should have a seemingly unlimited amount of space. Use the same method as the items to place the tiles.

As soon as the tiles start to take up space delete the last tile you place and go back into items. Start placing them now. You'll have to keep repeating these steps to get the most out of the glitch. If you don't, the Map Memory Glitch won't work. Every time one of the categories (Tiles or Items) starts taking up space, simply switch over to the other one.

Remember! You don't get unlimited space. You get any where from 150% to 200% more space to place items. If you have made The Abyss, this is where I was able to first create this glitch. I was able to add the following items:

  • 4 more Weapon Spawns
  • Red/Blue Bag Bases
  • 5 Red/Blue Team Spawns
  • 2 Switches
  • 2 Autoguns
  • 4 Exotic Turrets
  • 2 Speed Power Ups
  • 2 Max Damage Power Ups
  • 2 Cloak Power Ups
  • 2 Health Lows
  • 2 Armour Lows

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