The Mansion level is set in a cursed mansion where a murderer's remains are causing zombies and mutants to run amok. It is widely considered to be the hardest mission in the original game, especially on Hard difficulty. Set in 1965, you control Peekaboo Jones and/or Mary-Beth Casey. This is the only level where the arsenal is limited to just one weapon, aside from the fists.

Players should note that, as in other undead levels, zombies can wield weapons, although they will drop them on the first knockdown and use their fists if the player did not kill them the first time.


TS1 Select Level - 1965 Mansion
Return the murderer's remains to the gallows to end the mansion's curse.


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Timesplitters 1 showcase Mansion (Story on Normal)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Mansion (Story on Normal)

  • Tip: Always focus on those with shotguns before anything else. They can do immense damage when armed.

Right from the word "Go" you're going to be up against some zombies, two will appear right in front of you, shoot their heads off quickly in preparation for the two that will spawn soon after. Grab all the ammo in here and move to the doorway, nail the zombie that appears and move forward a little more. Two more zombies will spawn, you can shoot them where they stand are back out into the first room for more space and time.

Move towards the door outside and kill the two Overall Mutants in front of you, one on the porch and one right after it. Move out into the front yard and kill the third zombie in the back left corner. Head down to the entrance of the cellar and knock the head off the zombie that appears to your left. Go forward slightly and another zombie will materialise right in front of you, bag his head as well. Make the right turn and head forward, two mutants will pop out with shotguns. If you're quick enough you can shoot both without being hurt, or you can shoot one, back away and then get the second afterwards. Note the archways on your left, there will be a Priest Mutant with a shotgun to be killed when you go past each of them. There are also two zombies to be dealt with as well. When you get close to the end of it, you should be able to see a Police Zombie arond the corner, shoot him now once to get rid of his weapon, and take the ammo to the right. Wait there for the Police Zombie to come for you, and kill him when he does.

When you move around the corner, two zombies will spawn very close to you, back away and get their heads as they come for you. Go to where you were and move forward a little further, two more zombies will spawn, shoot them before they reach you. Also take out the mutant at the top of the stairs by targeting his leg. Go up the stairs, shoot the Overall Mutant up here very quickly and back right down. A zombie with a shotgun will come for you, get him before he has a chance to fight back. If you need it, there's a health kit out the back of the kitchen, but as you move for it two zombies will spawn right in front of you, make sure they don't hurt you.

Take the only other exit out of the kitchen and edge forward. Another Priest Mutant and a Jacket Zombie will roll out, get the one on the left first, then finish off the other. Turn to the left and face the wall, strafe right so you're looking up at the stairway. Knock down one of the zombies and strafe left again, disarm the other one when he comes down for you, finish them off at your own leisure. It's a good idea to go up the stairs here and kill the two zombies here, you can then return for the health kit when you need it. One of them has a shotgun and the other one will spawn as you're walking down one of the two corridors. Back down the bottom shoot the four moose heads on the wall before they spot you, also get the Police Zombie that spawns in the back left corner of the room.

Exit the room and get the zombie that spawns in front of you. Look into the front hall. In this room there are two or three Police Zombies with shotgun, a Jacket Zombie with shotgun, and another unarmed that can be dispatched from your safe position. When they're gone move into the room, and get the Girl Zombie to your right. Take out the two Girl Zombies up the top of the balcony and make sure you didn't miss anyone! There's a health kit around the back of the room through the doors on either side, get it when you need it. Up the stairs and head through the passage, when you turn a corner a Police Zombie will be waiting for you, best to back away and let him come for you. You should be able to see into the bathroom from your cover, kill the zombie that's lurking in there. Looking down the corridor, two mutants will pop out at intervals, and they may be joined by a Police Zombie. Make sure they're dead before you move into the bathroom.

In this room, you can look into the next and see another Police Zombie with a shotgun, get him quickly. Another Police Zombie (his starting position is in a little nook on the right side of the long corridor) tends to roam around and he can often appear out of nowhere and severely damage you. From the room with the Police Zombie you can strafe right and use the same tactics as before on the Jacket Zombie that lurks on them. These are all the zombies you need to worry about on this floor. Head up the stairs and you can head to the left or to the right; on your left there's a health kit and a dead end. If you go for the health kit two Police Zombies with shotguns will spawn behind you. If you're quick enough you might only be shot once, but any more than that and it's a waste of time, effort, and ammunition. Move to the right and you'll have to deal with three or four enemies with shotguns before the junction. Use the little trick of backing away and luring them to you. It takes longer but it's a lot safer. At the next junction there's another left/right choice, they both take you to the same place though. Look out for the zombie on your immediate left and the other couple roaming about. If you're quick and sneaky enough you can emerge unscathed. Move to the edge of the corridor and listen for the sound of a shotgun cocking; immediately afterwards a Priest Zombie will pop out and fire at you.

Now it's a seemingly clear path to the item. Two zombies will appear in front of you as you turn the corner to approach it, and a Girl Zombie or two will spawn right next to the item. Disarm them quickly, and finish them off afterwards. You can now (finally!) grab the item. Head back down the corridor and turn the corner, two zombies will spawn off in the distance, however they are unarmed. Kill them and move forward until you see stairs on your right. When you're halfway down two Girl Zombies with shotguns will appear at the bottom. It's tough to avoid being shot, so try to take as little damage as possible. Also look out for the two zombies at the bottom of the stairs to your left. Go through the door that the enemies were in the midst of and jump to the left once you are at the top of the staircase. TimeSplitters will be all over the place. Ignore them and run straight to the finish point and you're done.


When you are outside near where you start, go up the stairs near the door. Somebody will try and shoot you through the door which is the zombies wielding shotguns inside the main hall. Those who noticed you will go after you from there. When you reach the kitchen and hear the spawning sound, you can go back to that door outside and pick more zombies that just spawned.


Difficulty Reward
Easy Horror Shocker Bot Set
Easy Timed (3 mins) Big Heads Cheat
Normal Mall
Normal Timed (5 mins 30 secs) Overall Mutant
Hard Priest Mutant
Hard Timed (15 mins) Girl Zombie

World Records

Difficulty Time Person
Easy 29.6 secs An Empty Box
Normal 35.8 secs An Empty Box
Hard 38.7 secs An Empty Box


  • This is the only level in the game where, regardless of difficulty, TimeSplitters do not endlessly spawn. There are only four TimeSplitters in the level, and they are outside near the gallows. Two are standing near the far wall, and two more are standing on the gallows themselves. This is also the only level where you can see the TimeSplitters' unique idle animation (It's the same as their animation before you select them on the Character Select screen in Arcade).
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