Ammo 12/40
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
approx. 2 shots per sec
Reload Time 2.75 seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
(On regular characters)
(On shock-weak characters)
Type Other
Native Timezone 2052
Zoom Yes, x5.5
Primary Fire Fires high-velocity
electro-magnetic pulse
Secondary Fire Thermal scope
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect


The Mag-Charger is a railgun, which means that it can shoot through walls with the use of a special thermal scope that can view enemies through any walls.

This is one of the best weapons in the game for those who like sniping and camping, and is great in Arcade mode for its accuracy and power. It folds up into a rectangular-brick shape when not in use. This weapon fires an electro-magnetic pulse generated from a nuclear battery. This weapon counts as an "electric" weapon, so it deals great damage enemies with low shock proof, such as robots, and very low damage to characters that have high shock proof, such as zombies.


  • When equipping the Mag-Charger, the animation where it is unfolded from a box shape is only present in Breaking and Entering. Even then, the animation only takes place the first time the player equips the weapon. All other times, it is just quickly drawn when equipped.
  • The ability to shoot through walls only works in Arcade and Mapmaker. In Story, it can see electrical enemies (auto-guns, cameras, robots, etc.) through walls, but it cannot see organic enemies, nor can it shoot through walls.
  • In Mapmaker, on Xbox and GameCube, the Mag-Charger's piercing mode (where you can see characters' "heat signatures" through walls) is dysfunctional in Story mode; nothing but grey static is visible. Although, crosshairs will turn red if aimed at an enemy, even through a wall. On PS2 however, the piercing mode is fully functional in Story mode. In contrast to Story mode Mapmaker play, in Mapmaker Arcade modes (including Assault), the Mag-Charger is fully functional on all consoles.

    The Mag-Charger in thermal mode.

  • In Mapmaker, on Xbox and GameCube, the piercing mode's "heat signature" recognition in Mapmaker multiplayer modes is dependent upon the lighting in the tile the character is in. If the character is under pitch-black lighting, the Mag-charger will not see them at all. On PS2, the Mag-Charger's ability to visualize potential targets is not affected by tile lighting, and the weapon can spot any target even if under pitch black lighting.
  • When thermal mode is engaged, the weapon disappears from view (pictured on right).
  • In team-based modes, having Friendly Fire on only allows the Mag-Charger to harm a team mate with a direct clear shot; shooting through a wall will not harm a team mate.
  • On GameCube Mapmaker, the thermal image of potential targets is activated by line of sight; potential targets behind walls whom the player has not yet "seen" will not have the red thermal image, but will appear as a ghostly white render until the character comes within the player's direct line of sight. From that point on, the character will register a thermal image.
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