Mad Old Crow
Mad Old Crow.jpg
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1994 - 2052
Related Characters Victorian Crow (Alternate Self)
Karma Crow (Younger Self)
Jacob Crow (Youngest Self)
Splitter Crow (TimeSplitter-Mutated, Mechanically-Altered Older Self)
Security (Employee)
Ricks (Employee)
Smith (Employee)
Inceptor (Employee)
Inceptress (Employee)
Jack Sprocket (Employee)
Envirosuit (Employee)
Brother Bart (Employee)
Sister Faith (Employee)
Dr. Fergle (Employee)
Gordon (Employee)
Neophyte Lucian (Employee)
Neophyte Constance (Possible Employee)
Freak (Test Subject)
Tin-Legs Tommy (Test Subject)
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect


TimeSplitters Future Perfect

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Unlock Complete Future Perfect on Easy
Gallery What can you say? He's crazy as a coot and daft as a brush.
Gesture Jumps and looks around quickly and says "Eh-I thought I told you not to interrupt me!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
4/8 6/8 5/8 8/8

Mad Old Crow in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Mad Old Crow is Jacob Crow 58 years from when he was working at the Mansion Of Madness with the Brotherhood of Ultra Science. However, he is not the same Jacob Crow that received a Time Device in 1994; he is the Jacob Crow that, in 2052, had never heard of Time Devices, Time Crystals, or Time Travel - that is, until Sergeant Cortez told him about these things. Essentially, he is Jacob Crow from an alternate timeline, a timeline where he was never visited by his older self when he was young.

Mad Old Crow is the Jacob Crow that is the founder of the lab company called U-Genix. He was attempting to use his research to create an immortal race, later to be known as the TimeSplitters. In 2052, he mutated some of his employees to create the Freaks, which were in fact failed TimeSplitters.

At this point in time (2052), U-Genix was already creating prototype robots for the future infamous R-100 Series, later to be produced by UltraNet, another of Crow's companies. When Cortez found Mad Old Crow and destroyed the R-100 Series Ships protecting him, Mad Old Crow attempted to escape, but Cortez stopped him and, without thinking, told him what he (in Cortez's experience) had tried to do. Crow's past self, who Cortez had interacted with earlier, time traveled to that time and gave Mad Old Crow a time device, which Mad Old Crow then used to travel back in time to the 1994, to reveal to the young Crow the research required to grant himself immortality.

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