The Jungle surrounding T'hochek

The Lost Temple of T'hochek is a hidden Aztec Temple within the Guatemalan jungle.

Its first appearance was on TimeSplitters 2, where it hosted the 1920 Story level and an Arcade level in the surrounding Jungle. On TimeSplitters: Future Perfect, the Temple returned, but featured a different section of the building.


The Aztecs were a group of indeginous people that occupied Central America until they were conquered by the Spanish in 1521 (coincidentally by a general named Cortés).

Despite the Spanish invasion, T'hochek and its Followers survived long after this, probably due to its geographic position (the Spanish concentrated their attack on Tenochtitlan in Central Mexico). T'hochek then remained undiscovered, until the early 20th century, when it was visited by the TimeSplitters. The Splitters were mistaken for the Aztec's gods, forcing them to worship their dark existence and the mysterious Jade Crystal.


1920, Aztec Ruins

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Man pic

Captain Ash, as seen on Aztec Ruins

400 years after the Spanish invasion, Cortez (disguised as Captain Ash) visited T'hochek, in search of the Time Crystals.

Despite the odds, he managed to discover the Temple and free its people from the TimeSplitters.With the help of the Jungle Queen (who was raised by wolves in the surrounding jungle), they entered the temple under attack from Aztec Warriors, the High Priests, deluded Monkeys with exploding Watermelons and elemental golems of Wood and Stone, before finally securing the Jade Crystal.


1920, Aztec

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This Arcade level is based on the jungle area of the Story Level, before Captain Ash and the Jungle Queen reach the main Temple.

The map consists of a variety of corridors through the rocks, as well as many open air sections. Unlike most other maps, the level is filled with torches that can light the end of a Crossbow, for use in setting enemies on fire.

The best game modes here are undoubtedly Virus and Flame Tag, due to its winding corridors and frantic close-quarters situations, although free-for-all style matches, such as Deathmatch or Elimination are also good here.

1924, Temple

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T'hochek returned on TimeSplitters: Future Perfect in the form of the Temple Arcade map. Similar to Oblask Dam, the TS3 version has many irregularities with its former self. Exactly when the new level is set is unclear, but it may be safe to assume that it appears at a similar date to Scotland the Brave (4 years after Aztec Ruins). The new layout is based inside the Temple itself, possibly in the deeper areas seen later in the Story level on harder difficulties, and features many large, open rooms, making it a dramatically different map to before. Despite this, there are some corridors through the rock, as well as a clifftop area outside, showing some similarities to the original Level.

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