Wild West
Little Prospect is an old mining town and the main setting of the Wild West mission. There, a megalomaniac deserter of the Confederate army known as The Colonel was terrorizing the locals, until Cortez (morphed as Elijah Jones) comes to rescue Ramona Sosa and end The Colonel's reign of terror.


Little Prospect has a few buildings and the like, which include:

  • A General Store
  • A Saloon
  • A Jail
  • A Bank
  • Many Houses
  • A Mining Site with a Cart and Rails
  • A Fountain
  • A Mission


  • There are signs that advertise buying horses. Strange as it is, there weren't any around.
  • In many (if not all) of the buildings, there are copies of the Deed of Little Prospect, pictures of Jared Slim and Mikey Two-Guns.
  • This story mission takes place in the oldest timezone of the entire series.
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