Lieutenant Christine Malone
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1970
Related Characters Harry Tipper (Co-worker) Kitten Celeste (Rival)
Games TimeSplitters
TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Lt. Chrstine Malone appearing in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Lieutenant Christine Malone appeared in the original TimeSplitters game, as well as TimeSplitters Future Perfect. She is a cop from the 1970s, under the same service as Harry Tipper.



TS1 Lieutenant Christine Malone Small Lt. Christine Malone
Lt. Malone

Unlock Default
Gesture Police sirens are heard, she looks and crouches around then runs off screen.
Lt. Malone features in the first game as one of the nine females, and eighteen core Story protagonists. She wears a light blue police top, and dark blue trousers over black shoes. She also has fairly long blonde hair, as well as a belt and holster. Outside of story mode, she has a role in two challenges, and makes an appearance in one bot set.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Lieutenant Christine Malone Small Lt. Christine Malone

Star 2
Unlock Default
Gallery Lt. Malone's impeccable arrest record is enough to make her chest swell with pride.
Gesture Squats downs saying "Now you see me" whilst turning away then thrusting towards the screen saying "Un, deux, trois" then returns to dancing and clapping saying "Let's get down to it in the squad car!"
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8
Lt. Malone reappears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect wearing new attire. She maintains her light blue police top and dark blue trousers, but now sports a blue police hat. Her breasts are also much larger and more exposed. This is a considerable change between games.

She does not appear in the story mode. Instead, she has a part in the Arcade League, where she and Kitten Celeste (both Harry Tipper's sidekicks) have a one-on-one shootout at the Big Tipper. She is described here as "Harry's old police partner", despite the two of them being seen working together in the 1970, whilst the versions of Harry and Kitten in Timesplitters Future Perfect are from the 1960s. It is possible that this sequence takes place in the 70s or later, or that Tipper and Malone worked together before the 60s and then were reunited in the 70s. It's also possible that this segment is simply non-canon.


1970, Chinese Restaurant

Main article: Chinese (Story)

Lieutenant Christine Malone's and Detective Harry Tipper's mission was to raid a Chinese Restaurant, that served as a front for a criminal ring. They gathered the gang's files and escaped.


  • She could be based on Chassey Blue, the female cop/FBI agent from the Vigilante 8 series of video games, as they both share a similar appearance and are based around the 1970s.
  • She and Teeth Mummy are the only two characters to appear in the first and third games, but not the second one.
  • In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, she shares her gesture with Arial DaVinci and Venus Starr, but they all have different dialogue.
  • Her voice clips are reused for Ilsa Nadir in TimeSplitters 2.


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