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Last Stand is a game mode that has only appeared in the first TimeSplitters. Here, the player's objective is to defend one or more objects from being destroyed by spawning enemies. The enemies come in waves, with more enemies the longer the player lasts. It only appeared in a few maps in TS1. In most - if not all - cases, the player is forbidden from leaving the immediate area; if you leave the designated area, you have three to five seconds to return or you will automatically die. The enemies cannot be set, and usually consist of Siamese Cyborg, Pillar Alien, Red Alien, and Green Alien in Warzone and Planet X, with the SWAT in Chemical Plant, and zombies in Mansion.

  • Mansion - The player is in the Mansion's foyer, shooting the heads off zombies, identical to Dusk of the Dead.
  • Chemical Plant - The player defends a single barrel with the Sniper Rifle while enemies appear from ledges above you, usually coming a couple at a time.
  • Planet X - The player mans a turret whilst trying to defend four large crystals from spawning enemies, identical to Space Vandals.
  • Warzone - The player mans a turret atop the wrecked vehicle in one of the courtyards while defending three barrels from being destroyed by the enemy.