Ammo 18/42
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
up to 6 per second, for each gun
Reload Time 1.25 sec
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Pistol
Native Timezone 2052
Zoom Yes, x2.66
Primary Fire Semi-automatic
Secondary Fire Attaches silencer and scope
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The LX-18 is a pistol featured in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. This weapon is found in Breaking and Entering and You Genius, U-Genix. It is modeled on the Glock 18 semi-/full-auto machine pistol. It is identical to the Pistol 9mm in terms of power, reload speed and scope zoom, although it harbors an advantage in the form of an increased magazine capacity; the LX-18 holds 18 rounds, compared the the Pistol's 8, giving it an obvious advantage in a gunfight. It is also guaranteed to kill a normal bot in one magazine.


  • In the custom mapmaker, when LX-18 ammunition is picked up, it may be erroneously labelled LX-19 or LX-21 ammo instead. This could realistically be attributed to the fact that the LX-19 and LX-21s are variants of the LX-18 but use the exact same caliber (e.g. maybe the LX-19 is an automatic variant of the LX-18, for example).
  • When you equip the LX-18 or the 9mm Pistol, your character racks the slide to load the first round. If you equip the weapon with the scope/silencer already attached, a graphical glitch will cause the barrel of the pistol to detach itself from the silencer for a brief moment.
  • The inventory icon is that of the Pistol 9mm.
  • The LX-18 appears to be based on the Glock pistol.
  • The LX-18 reuses sound effects from the .45 Pistol in Second Sight.


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