Kruger 9mm
Ammo 8/52

8/44 (dual wielded, per each weapon)

Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
up to 6 per second, for each gun
Reload Time 1 second
Damage (per Single Shot)
Type Semiautomatic Pistol
Native Timezone 1924
Zoom Yes, x1.33
Primary Fire Single shot
Secondary Fire Single shot, silenced
Games TSFP

The Kruger 9mm is an older pistol found in Scotland The Brave and other Story levels in that time period in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It is identical in appearance to the Luger Pistol and Silenced Luger from TimeSplitters 2; presumably the name was changed due to copyright issues, although there is also a different theory (see trivia section). The Kruger has a small zoom level when aimed and can be equipped with a silencer.

This handgun is also particularly powerful and is highly recommended among all other pistols. Along with its power also comes semi-automatic fire, which is an advantage over the Revolver. The Kruger's combination of semi-automatic fire and high damage also rivals the Revolver overall.



The Kruger 9mm is almost identical to the Luger Pistol from TimeSplitters 2, with only a few minor appearance differences. Generally, the Kruger 9mm is a standard Luger P08 Parabellum, with the exception that the TimeSplitters Luger and Kruger both feature a whole secondary body piece rather than a thin barrel, as in the real-life counterpart.


Since, as aforementioned, the Luger and the Kruger from TimeSplitters are derived from the Luger P08, they most probably have the same or a very similar mechanism and operation. More detailed, in real life the iconic charging lever of the Luger P08 (photo here) pulls the breechblock (in this case, a metal slider) on top of the barrel and, afterwards, the barrel itself, ejecting the fired cartridge and inserting a new one into the chamber. In the TimeSplitters games however, the body of the weapon is wider (generally larger, too) and the barrel is rigid and not a moving part. The weapon part that is pulled backwards by the mechanism (not with a sliding breechblock, though; perhaps internally or beneath the main body of the weapon) is a whole secondary "body", which covers the barrel and leaves only a small part of the chamber cover exposed (like a standard pistol, see M1911 for reference). When fired, the TimeSplitters variant mechanism will pull the secondary "body" backwards, opening the chamber, ejecting the fired cartridge, inserting a new one into the chamber and finally reverting back to the standard position. This can be easily noticed or confirmed in-game, as, during the action of both the Luger and the Kruger, the weapon barrel is seen at the front of the weapon while the operation is underway.


  • There is a theory that both the Kruger 9mm and the K-SMG, since they are found on the island of Urnsay and used by Crow's army, are thus connected to the underwater city of Kronia, something which is evident on their naming; Kruger might be a portmanteau of the words "Kronia" and "Luger", while K-SMG might simply mean "Kronia Submachine Gun".
  • The kruger can be zoomed without attaching the silencer, something its Pistol 9mm and LX-18 cousins are incapable of. However, the silencer adds no zoom bonus.


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