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Insect Mutant
Species Human-Fly Mutant
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1950
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Games TimeSplitters
TimeSplitters 2

Insect Mutant in TimeSplitters 2.

Insect Mutant is a man named Frank, holding up a large fly-like alien which protrudes through his stomach. Frank's face is mutated, and the back of his overalls reads "Frank's Motors". The alien's head is classified as the character's head, and firing at Frank's head does not count towards a headshot. He appears in the original TimeSplitters, and then reappears for another appearance in TimeSplitters 2 as a classic character; however, like The Impersonator, he failed to make a third appearance in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.



TS1 Insect Mutant Small.gif Insect Mutant

Unlock Village on Hard in 04:45.0
Gesture Runs around while making a buzzing sound then runs off screen.

Insect Mutant appears as one of the generic enemies of the Village story mission. He also appears in three challenges and a bot set. Like the other mutants, his head is detachable.

TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Insect Mutant Small.png Insect Mutant

Star 3.gif
Unlock Challenge > Monkeying Around > Simian Shootout with Silver
Gallery Frank was always telling folks about UFOs in the skies over his garage but nobody believed his tales of alien abductions. Look at him now- what do you think?
Accuracy Agility Stamina
11/20 6/20 17/20

Insect Mutant reappears in TimeSplitters 2, being one of the few classic characters to have returned from the first game. Although he returned, there was no effort to include him in anything but bot sets in the game, where he is associated with the other classic characters and the Chinese Restaurant, despite having never appeared in its story. In this appearance, his head is not detachable, unlike TimeSplitters 1.


1950, Village

Main article: Village (Story)

In a village in the 1950s, a cursed artifact that heavily mutated the inhabitants was discovered. It is the mission of two scientists, Doctor Seth Graven and Doctor Katje Nadir, to retrieve this artifact for deeper research. However, the mutants seem to be against this, either by choice or via mind control. Only death will stop the mutants from trying to preserve the artifact hidden beneath the village.