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Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone Unknown
Related Characters Beetleman (Partner)
Games TimeSplitters
TimeSplitters 2

The Impersonator in TimeSplitters 2.

The Impersonator, as the name suggests, impersonates Elvis "The King" Presley, which is written on the back of his suit. He appeared in the original TimeSplitters and reappeared in TimeSplitters 2, but has failed to make an appearance since (similar to Insect Mutant). He wears a white suit with blue tassels at the end of his trousers, and under his sleeve on his lapel.



TS1 Impersonator Small.gif The Impersonator

Unlock Challenge > 5-C Who's he Trying to Impress?
Gesture Speaking in accent with a crowd cheering, he dances back saying "Hey, that's right little Missy." then swing his arms singing "Oh-o-o-oooh!!!" then jumps slightly saying "Heya! Baaaaby!" clapping hands. He then stands making hip movements saying quietly "Where's my cheeseburger?"

The first game was the Impersonator's first appearance and in this, his role in the game was in the challenges of Section 5 where he is accompanied by Mary-Beth Casey from the 1960s. He is one of the few characters in the original TimeSplitters who does not have a role in the Story of the game. Like the other non-canon characters, he has a cheat associated with him, Enemies turn to Impersonators.

TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Impersonator Small.png The Impersonator

Star 4.gif
Unlock Arcade League > Elite League > One Shot Thrills > Double Bill with Gold
Gallery The King returns after a sell out tour of holiday camps and working men's clubs.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
15/20 12/20 10/20

The Impersonator returns in TimeSplitters 2 with no major role. He appears in the Double Bill Arcade League match along with Beetleman, he posing as Elvis and the Beetlemen as "The Beetles". As he appeared in the original, he appears in the Classics bot set.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

While The Impersonator does not visibly appear in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, his sounds and character select image do. This suggests he was originally going to make a third appearance but was cut for unknown reasons.


  • His fire scream and his pain/death voice clips are all completely exclusive to him.
  • He is the only character, except Insect Mutant, to appear in the first two games, but not the third.