Ice Station
Ice station.png
Size Large
Location Ice-covered asteroid
Climate Snowy
Unlockable Unlocked by Default
Recommended Bots Male Trooper
Female Trooper
Sgt. Cortez
Corp. Hart
Baby Drone
Ilsa Nadir
Gregor Lenko
Hybrid Mutant
Recommended Weapons SBP90 Machinegun
Tactical 12-Gauge
Rocket Launcher
Sniper Rifle
Homing Launcher

The Ice Station is the largest map in TimeSplitters 2. The map is located on a large, snow-covered asteroid, and it is one of the more open-ended maps of TS2. There are five buildings in this map, the largest one in the centre (possibly a command centre) containing powerful gun turrets, with four other buildings on the corners of the asteroid (possibly guard posts), and a large, landing pad-like structure on the edge of the asteroid. An underground tunnel that runs throughout the map contains the 5th weapon. The default weapon set has a mostly futuristic theme. Ice Station seems to be in the 2401 time period, as quite a few missions take place with the TimeSplitters, Cortez and the troopers (male & female).

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