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For characters that are similar to humans, see Humanoid

Human characters make up the bulk of the TimeSplitters characters. They vary in size and all have different traits, although most are vulnerable to fire.

Most of the Story levels on all 3 games are based on Earth, meaning that many characters in the game are human. All but 3 levels (from all games) are based on Earth. The levels that do not take place on Earth are Planet X (TS1), Return to Planet X (TS2) and Space Station (TS2). As well as the TSFP Arcade level, Mars Prison.

Humans are in a different category to altered humans (zombies, mutants and cyborgs), and are definitely different to animals, aliens and robots.


Below are the names of all 'humans' listed alphabetically and by game.


TimeSplitters 2

  • The Impersonator

TimeSplitters Future Perfect