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Homing Launcher
Homing Launcher
Ammo 30
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
single : 2 p/s
triple : 3 p/s
Reload Time N/A
Damage (per Single Shot)
Up to 165%
Type Heavy weapon
Native Timezone 2280 - 2315
Zoom None
Primary Fire Fires rocket
Secondary Fire Fires 3 rockets
Games TimeSplitters 2
The Homing Launcher is a weapon featured in TimeSplitters 2. It is the heat-seeking version of the Rocket Launcher.


The Homing Launcher, as its name implies, is a very powerful weapon; capable of downing all but the toughest of enemies in one direct blast.

In the hands of a skilled player, the weapon can be deadly artillery, striking foes from extreme range.

The missiles track aggressively and perform far more efficiently than those fired from the Gun Turrets, and have semi-active path-finding capabilities.

Each rocket that lands on a target will mostly be sufficient to kill him/her, with near-misses enough to half the opponent's health. Those wearing full armour will be left close to death after a single hit.

The Homing Launcher's secondary fire grants the ability to fire a set of three independently-tracking missiles, which can split up to home in on three different targets, though this can be costly to use.


The lock-on system is rather sticky, meaning players can 'accidentally' waste rockets on targets who are already being chased by other missiles, even if the launcher is pointed directly at a new target.

The speed of the missiles is rather slow, compared to the faster speed of their unguided cousins. Players who have collected the Speed powerup can outrun or even out manoeuvre the missiles, which have a wide turning berth.

During flight, homing missiles have a maximum range, even if the lock-on system has a target further away. Missiles that reach their maximum range explode, damaging anyone within the blast radius

Lastly, missiles may go through windows (and smash them throughout), but they can't open doors; this can be exploited by targeted players who can go through doors in order for them to close before the missiles themselves pass through.


  • It is first found in Return to Planet X, where the player can find two weapon parts used to make the Homing Launcher, as well as ammunition for it strewn about.
  • The Homing Launcher is once again found in Robot Factory in the hands of the last SentryBot, who is guarding the entrance to the Machinist's machine.
    • The rockets, fired from this individual, seem to perform much less than what it is supposed to, and they lack the three orbiting lights around their exhaust. This is likely for balancing reasons.


  • Even if it is described on the TimeSplitters website that it can target UFOs, it is seemingly unable to do so.
  • A unique feature is the fact that Homing Launcher projectiles temporarily suspend their tracking ability when their target is killed, but will then re-engage once he/she has respawned. This can lead to spawn killing, when the missiles are close enough, otherwise they'd reach maximum range.
  • In TSFP, it is replaced with the HeatSeeker.


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