As an encyclopedia, the TimeSplitters Wiki must be written in a certain way. Throughout the wiki the following guidelines should be met to insure a formal and universal sense:

  • A formal tone

This ensures a professional wiki is made. If you see an article with this banner at the top, then the article does not have a formal tone!

  • Correct English

Correct spelling and grammar is sometimes overlooked; make those minor edits. The official language used on this wiki is UK English. If you have a spellcheck feature on your browser, you may wish to download the UK English dictionary if you don't have one already.

  • Use third-person

Since multiple people usually contribute to every page avoid using words like "I", "me" and other words that denote one person when describing something. Do not use words like "you" unless it is a strategy. Use words like "the player".

  • Use of Infoboxes

The Infobox system is a good way of displaying information. The main article itself will expand on this information. See: Infoboxes for the correct infoboxes to use where.

  • Factual information where appropriate

Don't make stuff up, unless you specifically say "it is probable" or "he was likely to", etc. Back up any opinion with solid facts. Opinions and speculation are discouraged.

  • Only use reliable sources

Always check using a reliable source, preferably the games. Try not to add from memory because the memory isn't always exact.

  • Linkage

Make sure to link the words in articles whenever possible. For example, mentioning Cortez in an article, there should be a link to his page.

How to Edit

Starting a new article

If you wish to start an article, simply click on it's red link and then begin.

  • Syntax - How to make the appearance of text, links and images change.
  • Infoboxes - How to implement Infoboxes in your articles.
  • Categorising - How to categorize your articles, important!
  • Foot Menus - How to implement a Foot Menu in an article

User Pages

  • Stickies - How to implement user stickies into your user page.

Chat Format

  • Chat Format - The correct format to use when leaving a comment on a user's talk page or in Chat.
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