TS1 Challenge 6-C
Game TimeSplitters 1
Section 6
Map Bank
Character Veiled SWAT
Enemies Encountered Chinese Chef
Chinese Waiter
Fingers McKenzie
Jacques Misere
Olga Strom
Ravelle Velvet
Rewards Veiled SWAT
Medal Requirements No more than 5 bags stolen

Heist is a TimeSplitters 1 Challenge. It involves disrupting a Heist by killing all people involved. It comes after Bodyguard and before Shop 'Til you Drop.


Fingers and his gang are knocking off the city bank and the police response team are 5 minutes away. Maintain a tactical position on the ledge. But don't let the gang away with more than 5 bags.


You have to stay on your ledge, jumping off kills you. It's not that hard, just shoot the people running in the bank, and letting a few go is fine as long as it doesn't go above 5, and doesn't stay as 0.


The most important thing is to let at least one person score a bag. This is because there is a Heist Glitch whereby you win, but not only do you not receive your reward, it becomes impossible to receive it (and you lose your reward if you had previously cleared it with more than 0 bags stolen).