Gretel Mark II
Gretel MK II
Species Robot
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2315
Related Characters R-109 (Partner)
Gretel (First Generation)
Gretel (Third Generation)
Jacob Crow (Possible creator)
Games TimeSplitters 2
Gretel Mark II is the character Sergeant Cortez morphs into in the Robot Factory level during the Robot Factory mission in TimeSplitters 2.


TimeSplitters 2

TS2 Gretel Mark II Small Gretel Mk II

Star 4
Unlock Default
Gallery Gretel II is a second generation precision killing machine, programmed with stealth and martial arts techniques from around the galaxy. Together with R-109 she has been sent to destroy the Machinist's robot army.
Accuracy Agility Stamina
15/20 12/20 8/20

It is possible she works for Jacob Crow's company UltraNet, as the briefing for the Robot Factory states they learned of the Machinist's plans through "UltraNet sources". This would make her, and thus all the Gretel series Robots, "Evil" characters (at least during the Machine Wars), much like the R-100 Series. However, as her mission is to prevent the Machine Wars from being restarted, it is also possible UltraNet (as well as Gretel and R-109) are under the control of the (former) rebel forces by this stage.


  • Her voice clips are used by her counterparts.


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