The Grenade Launcher has appeared twice within the TimeSplitters series. As its name implies, it fires explosive shells, although unlike other similar weapons, such as the Rocket Launcher, its projectiles follow a parabolic trajectory, thereby limiting its range and upping the level of skill required to use the weapon effectively. During the series, it has been able to fire traditional timed grenades, grenades that detonate on impact, and incendiary shells.



The TS1 Grenade Launcher view model and spawn models

In the original TimeSplitters, the Grenade Launcher makes its first appearance as a rather devastating weapon. Other than common timed charges, it can also fire grenades that explode on impact, dealing heavy damage to any and all foes within a set radius. Both types of grenade will kill the player instantly if they are standing at the centre of the blast radius.

Impact grenades have a distinctive blue explosion, similar to the grenades fired by the Scifi Autorifle, while the timed grenades have a uniform red flame; this variation also has a longer range than the impact grenade. Each drum holds eight rounds, which are clearly visible on the outside of the weapon.

When "if best" is switched on, the Grenade Launcher ranks as the 5th best weapon on TS1, only beaten by the Minigun (single and dual-wielded), Scifi Autorifle and Rocket Launcher.

TimeSplitters 2

The Grenade Launcher in TimeSplitters 2 is, again, a highly destructive weapon that fires timed-detonation grenades, albeit modified from those in the previous game; each time a grenade bounces, it will split into multiple charges, each of which will detonate simultaneously around two seconds after the initial charge was fired. Furthermore, if the player manages to score a direct hit on an opponent, the grenade will detonate instantaneously, guaranteeing a one-hit-kill.

The Grenade Launcher's Model from the Beta

It also has a secondary mode that fires incendiary shells. They take on the appearance of small fireballs, and fly much farther and straighter than the primary rounds, making direct hits a little easier. These alternate rounds do not deal any damage in themselves, but they have the ability to set any character they strike on fire. They will also remain burning for a brief time wherever they land, and will also ignite any character that subsequently steps on them.

A popular tactic with the Grenade Launcher's secondary fire is to aim at the ground just in front of a moving target - if the player hits their opponent directly, the shell will disappear on impact, allowing only the one kill to be scored. However, if the player fires into the ground, the burning charge will remain in place even after igniting the initial target, potentially setting fire to further targets and increasing the player's kill count.

It is also worth noting that, if the player finds themself on the recieving end of a flame shell, any opponent they run into and subsequently kill by setting them alight will count towards the player's kill count. The same is true for any other flame-based weapon.

The Grenade Launcher in TS2 is used for the challenge Stain Removal.

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