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Gladiator was first introduced as an Arcade game mode in TimeSplitters 2, and was also available in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


Maximus match.

The aim of Gladiator is to obtain the highest amount of points. However, it is only possible to do this when holding the role of the "Gladiator". This player is identifiable with a yellow shader that makes them visible through walls, and makes them obvious from a long ways away. The only way to become the Gladiator is to kill the incumbent player.

Once becoming the Gladiator, the player's health is completely restored and all other competitors will focus on this individual, as opposed to them simply killing all other players. A point is awarded for every kill during the occupation of the Gladiator position.

After being killed, the player simply respawns as usual, and must take up the chase to regain the Gladiator crown.