The Ghost Gun is a weapon that only appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. It is used below the Mansion Of Madness, presumably created by the scientists to deal with the ghosts. It also comes with Ghost Goggles, which allows users to see the ghosts.


TimeSplitters Future Perfect


The Ghost Gun appears in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, primarily for Story. It fires some kind of energy beam, and its only use is to combat ghosts, as the name implies. It cannot damage any other enemy in Story. It comes with special goggles, allowing the ghosts to be seen and targeted.


The Ghost Gun has an extremely large battery. However, the instant a ghost touches the deadly beam, it is defeated. Simply press the fire button once on a ghost and your work is finished.

It is worthy to note that the Ghost Gun is completely ineffective against ghosts already charging towards the player to inflict damage. However, this does mean that it still works against ghosts moving towards the player.

In Arcade, the weapon is capable of damaging all opponents. The goggles also seem to have been amalgamated into the weapon, because selecting it will display all opponents in a ghostly, blurry, shimmering light, making it useful on dark maps. It is worth noting that the goggles make small characters appear larger than normal, making them easier to hit. Also, the ghost gun will not "damage" enemies in the traditional sense; instead, after depleting an opponent's armour, it absorbs their life and adds it to the players health. This makes the weapon particularly handy when health is low. The maximum range of the weapon seems to be between 8 and 9 tiles in Mapmaker.


  • In Story mode, during the wormhole event in the level, Future Cortez's Ghost Gun fires three separate beams. This does not hamper his aim, however, and as long as you are near him, you are safe from the ghosts that roam ahead.
  • In Mapmaker Story mode, it is completely harmless to Story AI, and completely harmless to the player if being wielded by an AI. It can, however, blow up explosive barrels and push other moveable objects from a distance.
  • In Arcade, there will be a red halo where players have been killed by this gun.


  • The Ghost gun shares a striking resemblance to the weapon used in the Matrix trilogy for dispatching sentinels. They share similarities in the beam fired, the overall weapon aesthetic and the fact the weapon is designed to dispatch just one type of enemy. It also shares a resemblance to the tool used to remove "bugs" in The Matrix.
  • Players in Arcade mode that are killed with the Ghost Gun will appear as ghosts when they die (does not apply to AI players). It is not known if this is an intentional feature or a bug.


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