TimeSplitters is a first-person shooter known for its cartoon-styled graphics and wacky sense of humor. The games are developed by Free Radical Design and have been published by Eidos and EA.

On August 15th, 2018, THQ Nordic announced that they had acquired the series from Crytek, along with Second Sight, another Free Radical Design game. [1]

Main Games Edit

Timesplitters2 GameCube
TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect

Story Edit

The premise of the TimeSplitters series is the struggle of the human race to survive an onslaught of the TimeSplitters, a mysterious race that attacks humanity at various points in history. The entire span of the war is known as the TimeSplitter War. The hero of the series is Sergeant Cortez, a Space Marine sent back in time to retrieve the Time Crystals, the source of the TimeSplitters's power, along with his sidekick Corporal Hart.

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, Sergeant Cortez returns to Earth with the Time Crystals he retrieved in TimeSplitters 2. The General sends Cortez on another mission back in time to destroy the Time Crystals and stop the TimeSplitters from ever existing. With the help of Anya, Cortez discovers the mastermind behind the TimeSplitters, Jacob Crow, and his mission to rule the world. With help from numerous partners, Cortez must chase Crow's various incarnations throughout time to stop his devious plan once and for all.

Story mode is the mission-based mode that allows players to unfold the story behind the TimeSplitters.

Unofficial/Unreleased Games Edit

ts4unknowngifnw0.png TimeSplitters 4
tsasa7.jpg TimeSplitters Advance
tsgok7.jpg TimeSplitters Gold
tsmayhemsf0.png TimeSplitters Mayhem

There was also an aborted attempt to bring TimeSplitters to the Game Boy Advance called tentatively named "TimeSplitters Advance". TimeSplitters 4 was officially announced mid 2007.

Unofficially, a 2D top-down shooter based on Future Perfect called TimeSplitters Gold was developed for PC by TeamSplitters. That game has been handed over to a new developer, llamaliker. Another TimeSplitters game called TimeSplitters Mayhem was announced for beta release by Skulldust Studios but got canceled before release. More recently, a fan-game called TimeSplitters Silver was released by Oblask Studios but got canceled in 2016 before the release of its new update.

Arcade League Edit

Arcade League is the objective-based challenge mode that unlocks a majority of TimeSplitters 2's and TimeSplitters Future Perfect's characters and other extras. The original TimeSplitters does not have an Arcade League mode, however many of the challenges in Challenge mode follow the criteria of the sequels'. Arcade League matches are manipulations of what is available in Arcade Custom. Each game has a specific mode, registered map, weapon-set, bot-set and other settings. However, other things included in Arcade League matches are unachievable; Golem Guru is a one-on-one Elimination match where the opposing player has Stamina higher than is possible. Also, the cut Siberia is present and Consultant both appear in matches. It is presumed both were removed because of the small size of the map, and the similarity with other characters or size of the gallery screen respectively.

Challenge Edit

Though a Challenge mode appears in all games of the series, the original's is different to the others'.


In the original TimeSplitters, Challenge was a mixture of Arcade League matches and Challenges. Most games included a mode and with settings achievable in Arcade Custom. However, a small minority of them are like the future games' challenges in which the objective can only be done in the Challenge. For example, Heist asks the player to stand on a ledge only and shoot down players of an opposite team stealing bags; the game plays like Knockout but the scores are based upon how many bags they scored, and you have no base. Another example are challenges in Section 1, being Behead The Undead matches like seen within future releases.

TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect Edit

The Challenges are similar to Arcade League challenges, but their objectives are often zanier and more humorous than those in Arcade League. Matches in Challenge have no restrictions and are missions played around sections of Arcade Maps and Story Maps that have targets.

For example, Cortez Can't Jump! is a Challenge in TimeSplitters Future Perfect in which the player uses Cortez's Temporal Uplink's gravity ability to pick up balls and throw them into hoops much like Basketball. This takes place in the lift of Something To Crow About seen at the beginning. Another memorable challenge is TSUG: TimeSplitters Underground. The player uses both analogue sticks to move two different turrets and the shoulder buttons to shoot down waves of Berserker Splitters.

Recurring Challenge types include:

Arcade Custom Edit

Arcade Custom is the primary multiplayer mode for the TimeSplitters games. There are many maps, characters, and modes that can be unlocked for Arcade Custom mode. It allows nearly complete customisation of your arcade games.

Music Edit

The TimeSplitters games are well-known for their techno and electronica-based soundtracks. The music for the original TimeSplitters and TimeSplitters 2 were composed almost entirely by Graeme Norgate, Free Radical Design's chief music man. TimeSplitters Future Perfect's soundtrack was composed by Graeme Norgate and Danish musician Christian Marcussen. UK-based electronica group Goteki has also contributed tracks to TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect, such as "Who's the Mummy - Temple."

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