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Flock Around The Dock
TS1 Challenge 2-A.png
Game TimeSplitters
Section 2
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Docks
Character Mr. Big
Bots Duckman Drake x6
Rewards Duckman Drake bot
138 (LeFaucheur)

Flock Around The Dock is Challenge 2-A in TimeSplitters. It involves shooting ducks in the Docks map. It comes after Dusk of the Dead and before Dock Duck Shoot. This is one of the more frantic missions in TimeSplitters.


Hurray! Duck hunting season opens today. Seems there's plenty of action going on down by the waterfront. See if you can bag 100 in 5 minutes.


This challenge has you running around frantically, so the best thing to do is to run after the ducks, instead of sitting around and waiting for them. You're likely to fail to reach 100 if you stay in one place, unless you're in luck. The ducks fall easily, so shoot towards them with auto-aim on. Accuracy isn't as important.. Just grab the Shotgun, M16 or the Uzi (x2). The rest of the weapons don't do much damage, because they are pretty awful. The Ducks don't take off much health, so don't bother chasing them, it will waste your time greatly.


  • The name of the mission is possibly a reference to Rock around the Clock by Bill Haley.