Flare Gun
Flare gun
Ammo 10
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
1 flare every 3 seconds
Reload Time 3 seconds/1 second (Glitch)
Damage (per Single Shot)
Instant Kill + Fire
Type Explosive
Native Timezone 1924
Zoom None
Primary Fire Fires a flare
Secondary Fire None
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Flare Gun is a very powerful weapon found in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

It is deadly in the hands of a skillful player, despite its normal use of being a signaler. For those less versed in its use, it is ill-advised unless used as a last ditch effort.


The Flare Gun has very high splash damage, similar to that of a rocket, and can kill the operator at close range. It only holds one shot and has a long reload time, and the maximum ammo that you can carry is limited to 10 additional shots. The flares are inaccurate, as the projectile travels in a random spiral and moves slowly enough to be dodged at any range. However, a direct hit is always enough to kill a player. Occasionally they will incinerate a player's corpse as well, but it must nail the player directly - splash damage will merely send the player flying. If you fire at a spawning player, the temporary invincibility will prevent them from dying, but it will set them on fire.

As with all weapons with the ability, two is better than one, as you can fire the other as the first is reloading. Despite what the ammo says, firing a flare takes one off both sides of the ammo. So, if it says ten flares on each weapon, you get ten in total. This gun also appears on the story mode level Scotland the Brave.


  • When used on CPU's, it is not a very good idea to shoot directly at them; bots can easily avoid it by either jumping out of the way or the flare missing them because of the spiraling effect of the shot, so to make sure to do some definite damage: Aim at the ground under the bot because the explosion will either do serious damage or instantly kill the opponent.
    • While the above is true, the spiraling effect may actually make the shot land short, so a certain amount of randomness is involved. Still, the aforementioned tactic is still a good tactic.
  • A good tactic for the flare gun is to aim from a higher position on the enemies' pelvis, resulting in an almost ALWAYS perfect shot.
  • When hitting a spawning bot or player directly, although they won't take damage from the explosion they will still be damaged by the fire.
  • When Cortez uses the flare gun in the intro for Scotland the Brave, the spiral effect does not occur.
  • The Flare Gun was supposed to be in TimeSplitters 2 (and called "Flare Pistol") but was removed from the final version of the game.


  • There is a glitch with the Flare Gun so that if you need to reload, you have to change the weapon three times like this:
Flare Gun' --> Rifle --> Rifle --> Fist --> Fist --> Flare Gun

If you do this quickly, it doesn't need to reload for the time being, allowing for continuous bombardment.

APPENDAGE: you only need to switch to another weapon and switch back to the Flare Gun, but you need to wait a little bit before switching back to the Flare Gun, or it will just resume the reload animation. There is also a quicker way with the Flare Gun (x2); just switch between Flare Gun and Flare Gun (x2), and it will reload instantly, no need to wait. This makes the Flare Gun (x2) one of the deadliest weapons in the game.

Also, if used in a score attack-style level in the mapmaker against a big group of enemies, it will only register half of the enemies dying, even though they are all dead.

Flare Gun

A Flare Gun

Flare Gun x2

Dual Flare Guns