The Fists, or Unarmed, is your default and mostly your starting weapon when the 'Begin with Weapon' option is disabled. Naturally you use them up close, to punch other enemies.


Unarmed Hand

The resting hand position of Jo-Beth Casey in TS3

Quite simply, and obviously, the fists are standard melee attacks, with your chosen character unleashing a powerful punch, and will continue to do so as long as you hold the fire button

(Or melee button in Future Perfect).

All characters can use their fists, and even if it varies from each character, the power, or speed stay relatively the same. The only possible advantage is height, in the Monkey and 'shrunk' characters, which is more nimble and to a degree faster, can be more efficient with the attack.

In TS2 Arcade modes, the height of the character correlates with the amount of damage that their fists deal. Additionally, players first punches will look more visibly extended than the latter punches. This also affects the damage of the punches and is not just graphical. Punches will also damage destructible objects, and also deals bonus damage if you hit the object from "behind". In story mode, hitting an enemy from behind will deal the equivalent damage of 2 headshots from most weapons although this is only relevant for special characters.

However using your hands puts you at risk of getting killed at close range when the opponent is wielding the weapon, especially with those that excel in close range such as the Shotgun.


Unarmed Action

Fists in action

The best place to aim for when using fists on an enemy is the back of the head. If you can get up behind them while they're fighting someone else, you can kill them before they even see you.

However, if they do see you, you should keep attacking and moving randomly, but staying as close as you can. This will make you much harder to hit with most Weapons and you shouldn't have too much trouble evading guns such as the Dispersion Gun.

If you wish to, it is possible to make a game with exclusively fists. This is done by selecting a custom weapon set, and turning all slots to "none". This is fun when playing with friends, especially during BagTag.


  • Occasionally, in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, unarmed bots in Arcade will hold their hands out towards the player, or enemy, as if they were bearing a weapon. This usually occurs when a bot is picking up Powerups and targeting the player afterwards. They quickly return to their normal animation after attempting to punch the enemy.
  • When not attacking, the player's right fist is visible on screen in TimeSplitters Future Perfect, unlike in TimeSplitters 1 and TimeSplitters 2.
  • In TimeSplitters 1 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect, the fists appear to be open hands, rather then being clenched.
  • In TimeSplitters 1, the player can only punch with their right hand. Also, the punch looks more like a slap, due to the fact that the fist is not clenched.
  • Bots in TimeSplitters 1 cannot use fists, meaning they never attack when unarmed. Instead, they just keep running around the arena, looking for weapons, or simply stand still and look around.
  • In TimeSplitters 1, the player's punching animation is not seen by other players.
  • In TimeSplitters 2, if a player rapidly punches, their character will appear not to face the direction they are actually facing to other players.
  • In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, to other players, a player's turning appears to be delayed while rapidly punching, and to other players, characters appear to only punch with their right hand.
  • In TimeSplitters 2, if the player manually presses the attack button instead of holding it down, the punches will be more visibly extended in first person.
  • Technically, fists are not a weapon, but are classified as so.
  • Bots in TimeSplitters 2 are able to knock out their fellow AI opponents in extremely rapid succession, but when they attack players, they hit at a much slower rate.
  • In TimeSplitters 2, any unarmed hit to the back will earn an instant knock-out in Challenge and Story Mode.
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