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This is the demo for TimeSplitters 2 that was featured in the Official PlayStation Magazine Vol.53.Here I will list the the differences of the demo from the final version: -Cutscene at the start seems to cut off the last bit with Cortez -Temporal Uplink is not present in the demo (wut?) -The sound of the alarm is different -Some objectives have been renamed -Velocity of the sniper bullets seem slower -Pistol can hold up to 500 rounds (Holy shit!) -Sniper and Soviet S47 seem to share ammo -The fire rate of the pistol can be done faster -Your character has faster running speed for some reason -Props are missing, placed somewhere else, re-modeled, or have been added -If spotted by a camera at the start, guards will show up with S47s instead of Silenced Pistols -Weapon models are different -There is a turret in the second building inside the first hallway(teh fuk man) -Windows have been added to some areas for whatever reason -When you punch, there seems to be no hand models present -Enemies are placed differently/added and can throw hand grenades -There is a Remote Mine in place of of the Timed Mine at the start -In - game text is bigger and blue(similiar to TimeSplitters 1) -Characters have different voices -Enemies seem to have more movements (They can shoot while on wall cover and do a lot of duck and rolls -Sgt. Shivers seems to share 2 vioceovers with one of them not present in the final game -The red mist that appears when you take damage seems to last longer -There is no voice in the intercome -Sounds are missing (eg.File Cabinet being open and thump sound from satellite being destroyed) -Different aiming reticle for some weapons -The S47 has a shooting sound from a plasma weapon -The grenades from the S47 seem to shoot at a shorter distance, and take longer to detonate -Demo ends once you pass into the corridor that leads to the digging site -Due to the fact the demo ends to early, only one objective can be completed, which is Deactivate The Satellite Dish, for some reason there are only 4 out of 5 file cabinets is present, so Burn The Evidence In The File Cabinets cannot be done.Although, you can destroy the monitor that restores power so you can fail the Restore Power objective on porpuse. -Death animation is exactly like in TimeSplitters 1(Not shown in video) -When you punch a plant, it does an explosion sound(Not shown In video)

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  • TS2 beta video 1:

    Seems to be more like TS1, there's little stealth other than the very start, a lot more enemies...

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