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Female Cyborg
Fem cyb.png
Species Human/Cyborg
Size Normal
Native Timezone 2005
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Badass Cyborg (Ally)
Siamese Cyborg (Ally)
Games TimeSplitters

Female Cyborg appears only in the original TimeSplitters, as a generic Story enemy. As her name suggests, she is the sole female cyborg of TimeSplitters 1. She sports many cybernetic alterations, which include a small mechanical right arm, a larger mechanical left arm, and a mechanical left leg; her right leg is the only limb that remains organic. She also wears a green top and grey pants.



TS1 Female Cyborg Small.gif Female Cyborg

Unlock Complete Cyberden on Hard
Gesture Swipes at player.

Female Cyborg appears as one of the generic enemies of the Cyberden story mission, alongside several other cyborgs. She also features in four challenges and two bot sets.


2005, Cyberden

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The cyborgs made an attempt to stop Deacon Swain and Chastity Detroit from retrieving their secret plans. It is unknown what plans the disk contained, but nonetheless, Deacon and Chastity raided the Cyberden and successfully retrieved it, killing the cyborgs in the process.