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Eyes Mummy
Species Human/Mummy
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1935
Related Characters Cultist (Raiser)
Priestess (Raiser)
Teeth Mummy (Fellow Mummy)
Games TimeSplitters

Eyes Mummy is one of two mummies in the series. He only appears in the original TimeSplitters, unlike his counterpart Teeth Mummy, who returned in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. He appears as a usual Egyptian mummy, but with big, bold, round eyes.



TS1 Eyes Mummy Small.gif Eyes Mummy

Unlock Complete Tomb on Hard
Gesture Looks side to side as if he thinks the player has picked someone beside him then gestures to himself as if saying "Me?", then readies himself.

Eyes Mummy first appears in the original TimeSplitters as a generic Story enemy based around the Tomb level. He doesn't appear in any challenges, but is featured in two bot sets.


1935, Egyptian Tomb

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The Eyes Mummies appear as natives of the Tomb, being raised from their rest by the Cultists' and Priestesses' ritual, using the power of the ankh. Captain Ash and Lady Jayne raided the tomb, in an attempt to find and retrieve the ankh. The Cultists and Priestesses were killed, and the mummies were laid to rest once more, this time without a head.