Ammo TS2: 20-second gauge
TSFP: 1800 bolts
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
TSFP: Primary: 50 per second
Secondary: 2.2 p/sec
Reload Time N/A
Damage (per Single Shot)
On regular characters: 2.25%/1.125%/0.375%
On shock-weak characters: 9%/4.5%/1.5%
On regular characters: 1.55%/1.55%/1.1%
On shock-weak characters: 6.2%/6.2%/4.4%
Secondary: 48%/30%/18%
Type Other
Native Timezone 2243 (TSFP Variant)
2315 (TS2 Variant)
Zoom No
Primary Fire Electrical beam
Secondary Fire Electrical beam (TS2)
Electrical jolt (TSFP)
Games TimeSplitters 2
TimeSplitters Future Perfect
The ElectroTool is a factory tool that shoots a continuous stream of electricity over long distances.

Not intended as a weapon, the tool is actually a small portable generator used in construction, like in the Dark Machinist Child's Factory.

However, it can also be brandished as a powerful weapon. This weapon appears in TimeSplitters 2 and TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

The ElectroTool is commonly disliked by some, because it takes a relatively long time to defeat an enemy. Others would argue that its range, the longest of any weapon in the game, makes up for this. In general, it is best suited for wide, open arenas.

TimeSplitters 2

In the Story mode of TimeSplitters 2, it was used to overload the power nodes in the Robot Factory mission. Firing the ElectroTool at the security lasers in the same mission will damage the player.

TimeSplitters FP

In TimeSplitters Future Perfect, it was utilized to activate the bridge in Something to Crow About and to overload shields.

Future Perfect adds a new secondary function to the ElectroTool. The secondary function fires one jolt of electricity, which uses one charge from the ElectroTool's battery. The projectile moves slower than most weaponry, has about a quarter of the operational range, and an extended recoil. They can hurt shock-proof character and reach further distances than the beam.

However, if a player is a good shot, this electricity can do a large amount of damage, while conserving ammo at the same time. The electricity beam can bypass laser shields. It has a maximum range between 8 and 9 tiles in the Mapmaker.


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