An Easter Egg is a unique feature of a video game, often small and serving no advantage or gameplay purpose other than being there to be found. Below is a list of all known Easter Eggs in Arcade mode. As the Story mode (particularly in Future Perfect) contains many features, they are not listed here.

General Easter Eggs


  • Chinese
    • The gong in the lobby can be punched or fired upon so that it rings.
  • Mall
    • The clock on the wall synchronizes with the -3:00 timezone according to the PS2 clock.
  • Bank
    • The clock on the wall synchronizes with the -3:00 timezone according to the PS2 clock.

TimeSplitters 2

  • Chinese
    • Just like in the first game, the gong in the lobby can be punched or fired upon so that it rings.
    • In the large entrance near the gong, look up. There is a red Chinese lantern that swings on its own.
    • In the basement, in the small room past the room with the blowing air vents, if you go into the corner on the right, and look at the orange box, it is unfinished on the side.
  • Mexican Mission
    • The bell atop the mission can be fired upon so that it rings.
    • The clay pots around the mission are destructible. They are also explosive.
  • Hangar
    • It is possible to get on top of the box that the crane pulls about. This accounts for the 'Surf Time' statistic.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

  • Chinese
    • The gong in the lobby can be fired upon so that it rings.
  • Mexican Mission
    • The bell atop the mission can be fired upon so that it rings.
    • The clay pots around the mission are destructible.
  • Disco
    • Pressing the action button when facing the turntables produces some scratching sound bites.
    • Pressing the action button when facing the microphone produces a microphone screech or tap.
    • Pressing the action key when facing the drum kit produces random drum sounds.
    • Firing at the appropriate drum/cymbal produces the appropriate sound bite.
    • Firing at the guitar produces guitar noises.
  • Subway
    • Pressing the action button when facing the middle lever in the control room makes subway trains fly by the station upon the two tracks. They kill any player upon the track, and cannot be shot nor can mines be placed upon them. Such kills with the trains do not count towards the score of the lever puller; they count as suicides.
  • Venice
    • The player is able to take a ride upon the passing boat.
  • Zeppelin
    • Pressing the action key when facing a control panel makes the missile bomber drop, any players atop the unit fall with it to the sea below. The player can also 'drop the bomb' by shooting it.
    • In the Sky Lounges, the walls have little signs next to the ramps up to the Hydrogen Storage and Bomb Release. There is a mistake in the way that the signs are placed. The Bomb Release is in the middle, where the trapdoor is, and the Hydrogen Storage is the two big rooms that are at the end of the blimp (where Red and Blue Bases are).
  • Scotland the Brave
    • The turret on the submarine near the beginning of the level can be carried using the Uplink.
  • The Khallos Express
    • In the bathrooms, the toilets can be flushed and the sinks can be turned on using the action button.
    • In some bathrooms, the Uplink can be used to move the toilet scrubber, which will leave brown smears on anything it touches.
    • In the bar car, there is a slideshow of screenshots from upcoming levels playing.
    • In the bar car, the slot machine can be played, which will irritate Anya.
    • Press the action button on Khallos' cat and you can drive the cat
  • What Lies Below
    • As you walk down the stairs just after you finish protecting Jo-Beth while she frees herself from the trap, an elevator will pass. If you look inside, there will be a zombie that waves at you
    • Just at the beginning of the level, you can pick up a box with revolver ammo. If you haven't fired a single shot, your revolver will have 66x6 bullets.
  • You Genius, U-Genix
    • When you get to the room with the mutants on the bed, kill all the mutants and guards, then press the action button on the monitor with an orange screen; you can now mess around with the mutants on the beds, which will horrify Anya. Even if Amy does this (as player-2), and not Cortez, Anya will still scold Cortez.
  • Something to Crow About
    • After R-110 gets the information near the beginning of the level by having a claw grab his crotch area, he gets a virus. The joke is that he had unprotected sex and got a disease.

FRD Easter Eggs

There is a lot of references to Free Radical Design in all three games.


  • Site
    • There is a billboard advertising "Radical Plaza" with a FRD logo.
  • Streets
    • There is a FRD logo on a wall.
    • There is a billboard advertising what appears to be a hamburger, with the caption "Be free...have a BIG RAD!".
  • Others
    • The words "FRD Chapter" can be seen on the back of Jacket Zombie's jacket.

TimeSplitters 2

  • Site
    • There is a billboard advertising "Radical Plaza" with a FRD logo.

TimeSplitters Future Perfect

  • Breaking And Entering
    • One of the buildings in the background has an FRD logo.
  • Others
    • "FRD" is inscribed on the Brick.

Drunk Characters in TSFP

In most missions of TimeSplitters Future Perfect, a drunk character will murmur something humorous if approached. No such character appears in Time to Split, Something to Crow about, or Future Perfect.

  • Scotland the Brave (Castle Guard) - There is a drunk guard in the wine cellar talking about how he is the best guard.
    • It's me... iss all me! I am best... bestest guard... Without me, no guarding. All rubbish guarding. God of guards! And girls... Girls love me... "So hairy chest! Such a big medallion!" Hehehe... *HIC*
  • The Russian Connection (Henchman) - When you're at the top of the water tower, there will be a drunk Henchman talking about a new sports car he wants.
    • Soon... soon, we rule world! And I get car! Get a sports car, s'a red one! *BURP* And... I'll love it like... like, a thingy, woman! Hehe. Girls love sports car. "Ooh, what a big red one! Ooh, so impressive!" Hehehehe...
  • The Khallos Express (Henchman) - In the bar car, a henchman is laying on the bar with a pistol in hand. However, he only talks once you attack him. Shoot/punch him and he'll wave his gun around and shoot (which he may hit you with), before falling over and beginning his slurred monologue.
    • My friend's gone! Went through big... round... wobbler! S'gone! Just like that! S'amazing! Gone in time. Gone back. Hope, hope he finds plenty to drink!
  • Mansion of Madness (Dr. Lancet) - In a room with an unconscious zombie, a drunk scientist will sing about zombies and beetles (before you reach the beetle-infested hallway).
    • It can ruin your day when zombies come your way! Lest ya knock off their heads, you'll be dead! And there's things in the wall; I don't like them at all. They killed LOTS o' people! Horrible beetles...
  • What Lies Below (Dr. Lancet) - After escaping the zombie slide room, a drunk scientist will boast about his intellect, and how he would've invented various necessities.
    • I'm... I'm smart. Smartest man in the whole world! I would've invented the microwave if someone else'd not done it. I would've invented... gravity... and pineapples... doughnuts...
  • Breaking and Entering (Jack Sprocket) - In a men's bathroom stall, a construction worker will lament on his current position in life.
    • Is this it? All that's left of my dreams? I... was gonna be... in a band... Gonna be famous... rich! Instead, I'm just another bum with a gun...
  • You Genius, U-Genix (Brother Bartholomew) - When receiving the serum, a dazed researcher will optimistically brush-off the mutant breach.
    • Ah, it's a lotta fuss about nothin'. Few mutants wanderin' about, s'okay! Be all... I'll be all right in the morning...
  • Machine Wars (Ghengis Kant) - After you drive Future Cortez around, follow Angel down the hallway until you see a wall to the right. Look behind it and there will be a cyborg talking about how robots should be servants.
    • Evil robots... tryin' to kill us all... S'posed to be slaves, do what WE say. Should've never let 'em think... Big mistake! Now, they think they'll kill us all!
  • You Take The High Road (John Smith) - At the end of the level, after you turn all the engines on, get inside and there will be a drunk miner talking about his girlfriend.
    • I miss... I-I miss me girl. Eyes, eyes like little kittens, so sweet. Skin's, ahh, skin's like... like silk, so soft! Breath… breath like... dead dog. But, nobody's perfect.
  • The Hooded Man (Time Assassin) - Before reaching the bridge (where Cortez destroys the mothership), you can find a drunk assassin who is too lazy to kill Cortez.
    • Musht kill Cortesh… Ahh, someone else can do it! I'm stay here, watch these pretty lights!
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