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Doctor Lancet
Species Human
Size Normal
Native Timezone 1994 - 2243
Related Characters Jacob Crow (Employer)
Barney (Colleague)
Doctor Pustule (Colleague; Undead Form)
Brains (Test Monkey)
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect


TimeSplitters Future Perfect

TSFP Doctor Lancet Small.png Doctor Lancet

Star 1.gif
Unlock Complete What Lies Below on Easy
Gallery You would be nervous too if you worked in the mansion.
Gesture Says "Time to unleash the arse-kickulator!" and then drops to the floor and propels himself with his legs saying "Woo woo woo woo woo."
Speed Stamina Shock Proof Fire Proof
5/8 5/8 5/8 5/8

Dr. Lancet in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.

Doctor Lancet is the scientist who works for Jacob Crow and appears in the Mansion Of Madness and What Lies Below story mode levels in TimeSplitters Future Perfect. One story objectives is to save him from the worms in the backyard of the mansion.

It's worth noting that Dr. Lancet is a name given to all the generic scientists who appear in the Mansion of Madness and What Lies Below levels (with the exception of Dr. Harvey and Jacob Crow - who are the only two who do not have Dr. Lancet's model).

The Drunken Doctor Lancet

"It can ruin your day *hic* when zombies come your way. 'Les you knock off their heads, you'll be dead! An' those thingss in wall... I don' like them at all. They kill lossa people... horrible beetles..."
Dr. Lancet

The first encounter of a drunk Dr. Lancet is in the Mansion Of Madness level, inside the tiny room with killed zombie in, next to the sofa, after the the checkpoint.

"I'ahm smart... smartest man inna whole world! I woulda 'vented microwave if

summon else not dunnit... I woulda invent.... gravity, n n ... pineapples... doughnuts..."
Dr. Lancet

A drunk Lancet also appears in What Lies Below, before the torture lab, sitting in a corridor after zombies on conveyor belts.


  • There is also a glitch where this scientist can be cloned. It is unknown how or why.

You can find at least two "Dr. Lancets" also in the level Something To Crow About. They are in the room where the large remote, experimental gun is located. Like the Dr. Lancets found in Connecticut, in 1994, these scientists register as non-enemy civilians, however, they may still be considered enemies as that the only reason they appear to not attack is because they are unarmed and untrained in combat. However, this does not stop them from immediately alerting the guards to your presence (one can be heard shouting "Rebels!" upon Cortez's entry into the room).

Those "Dr. Lancets" may be there as a result of time travelling. Perhaps Crow came back and brought them to the future to aid in his research.

  • According to Graeme Norgate he is voiced by two voice actors Ian Porter and Martin T Sherman.