On the Docks Story level, your objective is to collect the suitcase of money and head to the dock. You play as Jacques Misère and/or Olga Strom.

Because the male lead character of this level has a French name and the Assault Rifle weapon resembles the FAMAS; a French firearm, it is entirely possible that this level is set in a French coastal city, possibly Marseilles.

  • Docks Easy World Record - 41.8 seconds by Silent Thunder
  • Docks Normal World Record - 42.1 seconds by Ace and Silent Thunder
  • Dock Hard World Record - 42.7 seconds by Ace


TS1 Select Level - 2000 Docks
Make the ransom pickup and proceed to the waterside rendezvous point.


Characters Encountered





Quickly, kill the first guy and steal his weapon. Turn right and kill the guy on the left and right, still moving at all times. Don't shoot anyone else and keep running. When you get to the gun on the wall, keep running, turn right and go up the stairs. Only shoot people if they get in the way. On the way, pick up the good weapons and pick up the item. Now, with your weapons, take out everyone and keep shooting until they're all dead, avoid the shots by moving left and right.
Timesplitters 1 showcase Docks (Story on Normal)

Timesplitters 1 showcase Docks (Story on Normal)

When you can, drop down, go round until you find the place where you were before going in the building. Run ahead and shoot all the people who are trying to kill you. When you get to the top, turn right and again. Just keep running until you get to the red circle.

On two player you have double the people to kill them and while Player 1 charges through the level, Player 2 can try killing them.


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