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Dock Duck Shoot
TS1 Challenge 2-B.png
Game TimeSplitters
Section 2
Mode Team Deathmatch
Map Docks
Character Mr. Big
Bots Duckman Drake

Green Alien
Red Alien

Rewards Enemies turn to Ducks cheat
1st and 100 kills
192 (LeFaucheur)

Dock Duck Shoot is Challenge 2-B in the original TimeSplitters. It involves duck hunting along with a rival alien team. It comes after Flock Around The Dock and before Crispy Duck.


Well, this is it, the big Pro Am Duck Shoot. You're up against a pretty tough team from out of town. To get the trophy you must win the match with a score of at least 100 in 7 minutes.


This one is a bit easier than the last duck challenge because you have more time and two extra enemies to kill. The recommended weapon to use here is the Assault Shotgun, and you may switch sometimes if you meet targets too far away. Just make sure you are faster than the aliens on kills. Sometimes, the aliens can go massacre on kills and eventually reach the player. If the aliens have more kills than you at the end of the challenge, you still fail the challenge even when you reach 100 kills. The Aliens deals normal damage and will often be equipped with the Grenade Launcher, so be careful when they're around. It's best to make them your main target if they are near you. The rest of the time, shoot the ducks.