Dispersion Gun
Ammo 1-3/40
Fire Rate
bullets per sec/cartridge time
Reload Time 0.75 seconds
Damage (per Single Shot)
1 shot: 150%/90%/90%
3 shots: 200-250%
(each body part)
Type Shotgun
Native Timezone 2052
Zoom No
Primary Fire Fires ball of energy
Secondary Fire N/A
Games TimeSplitters Future Perfect

The Dispersion Gun is a futuristic shotgun-type weapon found in TimeSplitters Future Perfect.


The Dispersion Gun can be charged to do more damage, although one shot (charged or uncharged) to the head is particularly lethal. Its shots in general are extremely powerful.

It uses a battery, similar to that of the Plasma AutoRifle and the ElectroTool, instead of magazines like most weapons. Each shot uses 1-3 rounds of ammo (depending on how long the trigger is held) out of a maximum of 40.

It must be "reloaded" in-between each shot; an animation is triggered where the player flips the gun upwards like the shotgun. The reload time is relatively low, allowing for continuous bombardment.

The dispersion gun has an extremely unique factor about its fire. While at first glance, the fire is shotgun "burst" type, the dispersion gun randomly creates an angle for the charged shots, and the shots disperse in the direction of that angle. Try it in wide, open areas such as Mars Prison, Vietnam, or Siberia.

While cloaked, one can see an electric coil of some sort twirling within the weapon. Luckily, other players cannot see this flaw.

The Dispersion Gun appears in the Story levels Breaking and Entering and You Genius, U-Genix. It is also included in the Neon weapon set, as well as the Recommended weapon sets for VR and Spaceport.


  • Originally, the muzzle flash of the weapon was red. This can be shown during the introduction when the player is idle on the main menu.
  • In an early beta version of Future Perfect, the weapon was originally going to be called the Future Shotgun.
  • In the normal first-person viewpoint, unless the player melees or exploits zooming the camera in some way, the player's hand holding the gun cannot be seen, making it look like a weapon from the first two TimeSplitters games, in that, in those games, the player cannot see their character's hands from first-person view, making it look like their weapon is floating in mid-air when the camera is zoomed out.
  • A small visual error occurs when you press the melee button while your weapon is charged. The energy ball appears to detach itself from the weapon.


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