TimeSplitters Wiki
Disco Inferno
Game TimeSplitters 2
League Amateur League
Section Too Hot to Handle
Mode Virus
Map Nightclub
Character Lady Jane
Bots Jimmy Needles
Hatchet Sal
Jake Fenton
Marco the Snitch

Louie Bignose
Lt. Wild
Medal Requirements


Disco Inferno is the second match in the Too Hot to Handle Challenge Series. Like the other matches in this series, it's a Virus match.


Lady Jane is busy strutting her stuff in the nightclub, and the dance floor is hotting up... Literally! Avoid the night fever for as long as possible!


  • Since the Nightclub is such a maze, it's not a good idea to follow a path around the level. The best strategy would be to camp out in Big Tony's suite (The fanciest-looking room, it also has only one exit, it looks like a little stage room), or on the metal catwalks outside. Either way, this is a difficult match to complete with a Gold.

There is a Max Damage pickup on one of the broken catwalks outside. Using it makes it much easier to mow down the infected quickly.

Alternatively, you could camp out in the lobby area (where you enter the Sunrise Club in Chicago) and equip the Tommy Guns.

  • Alternative strategy. There is a handy glitch with the broken catwalk. Make your way outside, collecting any speed ups you see. Go up on the catwalk so that you're across the gap from the max damage. Turn & face back towards the stairs you came up so you can see any flamers coming up. You can use the Tommy Gun which is handily here to shoot them if you like, shoot as they come up the stairs & as they approach but if there are more than 1 you'd better get out of the way, as they get near back up over the gap as the glitch works better if you go backwards, you should go straight across the gap & be on the side where the max damage is. The flamers will drop down the gap & probably head for the stairs which come up to where you are. The glitch does not work in the other direction so this time as they approach, go down the gap, turn & head for the stairs which take you back to the position opposite the max damage & do it all over again. Once you've got the hang of it you should get a platinum within 2 or 3 attempts. If you consider it unworthy to use the glitch you could play it so you drop slowly through the gap then make your way up the stairs to the other side or you could play it so you only wait in the max damage position, both these ways can acheive a platinum but they are far more difficault than the glitch method.