Dinner Dates
TS1 Challenge 8-B
Game TimeSplitters
Section 8
Mode Capture the Bag
Map Chinese
Character Farrah Fun-Bunny
Bots Female Soldier

Female SWAT
Lt. Christine Malone
Olga Strom
Captain Ash
Det. Harry Tipper
Jacques Misere
Male Soldier

Rewards Enemies turn to Bunnies
Requirements 5

Dinner Dates is Challenge 8-B in the original TimeSplitters. It involves a clash between a male team and a female team. It comes after Girls 'n' Boys and before Bone Grab.


It was supposed to be a romantic candlelit dinner for ten, but things got out of hand when there weren't enough doggy bags to go round. Help the girls win a score of at least 5.


Depending on the score you want to get there are two good strategies:

To get just the required five, grab the double Uzis/Shotgun from your base and sit in the kitchen, shoot any enemies who come in and let your team-mates score. This should just get you 5.

If you want to get more, you do it yourself. Grab some armor and a shotgun (as it hits more enemies). Strafe to gain time and run into the enemy base. Usually somebody is waiting guarding the bag so be prepared for that. This should get you six or seven bags. Five if you do it badly.


  • Assuming all the other characters went out with their time period counterparts, Farrah's date would have been Captain Ash.
  • Harry Tipper was dating Christine Malone at the time he was supposed to be with Kitten Celeste, because The Russian Connection happens before the Chinese Mission. This could have just been a friendly date, not a love one though.
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